[Update] Sorry !

Hey readers !

I really do apologize for not having posted more frequent reviews as I had promised . I didn’t expect school to be so stressful now ; spending most of my non-sleeping hours cramping my school projects through .

But I will try my best to have some up soon . Keep a look out , I’ve bought some new makeup and skincare products , as well as tried out some new food .

Makeup / Skincare products that will be coming up :

  • Clear Last Compact Powder
  • Hadalabo Arbutin Whitening Lotion
  • Hadalabo AHA+BHA Facial Cleansers
  • Essence Cosmetics (a variety of products)
  • MSH Eyescream Mascara
  • Elite Fantastic Primer

Food reviews include :

  • Makisan

I will also be doing some makeup tutorials , inspired looks and tutorials on food I’ve made soon ; I’ve been practicing in my free time !

Thank you to all the readers that have stayed around and giving continuous support to my blog , it does make me feel happy that people find my reviews useful . I will continue to write more informative reviews when I have the time and money xD

ps. Do leave comments and I will get back to you asap ! (my blog’s so voided of comments tho ._.)

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .



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