[Review] Paik’s Bibim

School started in April and I think I just got too busy to write another post although I’ve continued to snap pictures and do swatches when I have the time . I’m sorry ._.

The next review’s on food again – PAIK’S BIBIM ! It’s located somewhere close to where I live and it was my first time trying it out .


Paik’s Bibim serves a small but varied menu of food . There are four varieties of Bibimbap , which is a signature Korean mixed rice dish , usually containing white rice and sautéed vegetables with either chili pepper paste , soy sauce or fermented soy bean paste . One may also add a raw or fried egg and various sliced meat to the dish .
They also serve two noodle dishes, a Cupbap , or in simpler terms , bibimbap in a cup for takeaways , and a side dish consisting of the Korean steam egg .

DSC_0034Bibimbap .

DSC_0035Noodles , Cupbap and Side dish .

The last time my mum and I went to try this place out , we ordered only two dishes – the beef bibimbap and the warm noodles with soy sauce .



The Beef Bibimbap consisted of warm rice as it’s base , shredded lettuce (possibly arugula and cabbage) , sliced sesame beef and seaweed as garnish . This also included a bowl of soup .

The rice was not actually warm when it was served to us however it didn’t bother me as much as it did for my mum . But I did enjoy the overall dish as the vegetables were fresh and crunchy , the meat was juicy and tasted good and the rice was of sticky consistency .



The Warm Noodles with Soy Sauce was something I really enjoyed . It consisted of dry noodles as it’s base , pieces of green leaf , sliced carrots , cucumber , marinated minced pork and garnished with seaweed . (I don’t remember what the yellow crumbs are .) This also came with a bowl of soup .

The dish was slightly warm with it’s noodles being really springy or “QQ” , was soft but not mushy , although it was a tad dry . The vegetables were fresh as well and really complemented the dish as an overall . The marinated pork tasted slightly sweet and salty but went well with the dish .


This spicy red pepper paste was also available at every table if you felt like you needed some heat for your dishes . I don’t particularly remember how it tasted like as I am not a fan of spice , however I do remember liking it .

Overall , I’d go back for another visit or two as I have and always will be a fan of Korean cuisine . The food wasn’t exceptional , but it definitely wasn’t a bad experience . If I also remember correctly , drinks are not on the menu . If you like Korean food , head down and give them a go !

Address :
Bedok Mall, #01-95, 311 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467360
(Located on the outsides of the mall facing Bedok Hawker Centre)
-They did not provide a phone number .
– There should be another outlet located at VivoCity but I can’t confirm .

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Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

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