[Review] CAOLION Pore Packs

I’m sorry I’ve been on hiatus from my blog for so long , I don’t know why I haven’t been updating it . Though , I will say that I’ve been continuously taking pictures and writing review drafts .

This next review is on the CAOLION Pore Packs , inclusive of 4 different types of cream-based facial masks that I bought as a set . It took awhile to complete this review as I had to use all four of the masks , and was recommended that I only use one mask for two to three times a week .


Established in 1995 , CAOLION Cosmetics has been making hypoallergenic cosmetics for sensitive skin since . The company launched natural cosmetics for the first time with a 3-free principal : pigment-free , fragrance-free and alcohol free . This Korean cosmetics brand has developed products that exclude up to 17 adverse ingredients such as preservatives and mineral fibers .

All the products stated below are suitable for all skin types and are paraben-free . They also have similar properties such as tightening enlarged pores and adding moisture to the skin . You may also wish to keep them in the refrigerator as it may have better effects , as stated on their website .

First up , we have the Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack . This has microscopic O2 agents that infiltrate pores and rids toxins caused by the environment . The product is said to extract whiteheads and blackheads , control sebum and dead skin cells .









As seen in the jar , the mask is of a dark grey colour . However , once you apply it to your face , it immediately turns light grey foam . Once the foam is seen , the mask will start to bubble , and you will feel a rather ticklish sensation depending on how sensitive your skin is . While it bubbles , it may start to drip a little and so do remember not to apply around your eyes and nose as the itching does last for awhile .
The mask spread is slightly grainy , which serves as a light exfoliant of some sort . No fragrance but not scent-free .
Upon the first use , there isn’t a big change on my skin , however I did notice that it had exfoliated some of the dead skin off .

Warning : It is very , very ticklish.  (Mine was unbearable !)

Instructions :
1. Thoroughly remove makeup .
2. Wet face . Take a finger scoop of the mask and apply it evenly to face .
3. Massage the mask for approximately 1-2 minutes .
4. Leave it on for roughly 5 minutes , then proceed to wash off with lukewarm water .

Next up , we have the Blackhead Steam Pore Pack . This is said to tighten open pores with it’s warm , steamy effect as it extracts sebum in the pores and grain powder to rid of dead skin cells . This is suitable for younger kids as the ingredients used are quite mild .






The Blackhead Steam Pore Pack as a nice scent to it – slightly minty and a hint of cocoa . As the name suggests , the moment I applied it to my face , it started to heat up . Unlike some other brands , this mask stays heated throughout the duration it’s on your face , and a little bit after washing it off .
The mask is slightly sticky to the touch , but does spread easily . One finger scoop is enough to spread throughout the entire face .
This also doesn’t dry out the skin after washing off . Even after a few hours , my face was still oil-free and felt smooth and soft . My skin did appear a little fairer after one use .

Instructions :
1. Thoroughly remove makeup .
2. Wet face . Take a finger scoop of the mask and apply it evenly to face .
3. Leave it on for roughly 10-20 minutes , then proceed to wash off with cold water .
4. Optional , but you may wish to apply some facial toner .

Next up , we have the Pore Original (Minimizing) Pack . This helps with increase skin elasticity and reduce pore size . It also aids with moisturizing the skin with it’s natural ingredients . The cream clay texture and ingredients aid with cooling down your face and tightening pores .






The Pore Original (Minimizing) Pack smells really good ,  like that of a peppermint scent . It is really cooling , and will stay cool until the mask starts to dry . The cream clay is of an opaque grey colour while in the jar , but will slowly turn translucent as it starts to dry .
The cream clay is not sticky but spreads easily on the face . One finger scoop is enough to cover the entire face evenly , but do remember the thicker you apply , the longer it will take to dry . The cream clay doesn’t drip while it’s drying up , and takes only a little time to settle and dry up .
Upon washing off the mask , it leaves your skin really cooling and smooth , and doesn’t strip off any moisture .

Instructions :
1. Thoroughly remove makeup .
2. Wet face . Apply cream clay evenly all over face , avoiding the eye area .
3. Wait until the mask dries .
4. Wash the mask off with lukewarm water , then with cold water to close your pores .

Lastly , we have the Pore Sleeping Pack (Soft) . The product is a leave-on-overnight type of mask that helps with pore tightening . It helps with the skin’s elasticity , brings down oiliness and hydrates the skin while one’s asleep . The Pore Sleeping Pack is also said to improve skin pigmentation and overall skin tone .



The Pore Sleeping Pack (Soft) has a minty scent to it . The consistency of the gel-like mask is soft and smooth . The gel is translucent before applying , but will turn clear once spread evenly over your face . A little goes a long way ; you don’t even need a full finger scoop .
Once it has been applied to your face , you might feel a slight prickly feeling , similar to using mint toothpaste when brushing teeth .
While applying the gel mask , one may not feel that it is sticky or oily , however while it settles on your skin , you may feel that it is quite oily . This is probably due to how it sets a layer blocking out dirt from the environment while providing moisturize to the skin .
I personally don’t understand how this works as the gel mask does stay wet for a long time on my face , even after I waited for about 2-3 hours before actually going to bed . After about three hours , the amount of wetness had decreased , but my face was still a little oily from the mask , but that should be a good thing.. right ?
I had left the mask on for about 8 hours in total and my face was still slightly oily upon waking up . Although it feels oily , I went to wash my face with water and the oiliness went away almost instantly .

Tip : If you plan to sleep right after applying this gel mask , try to face up while sleeping . You may move around while sleeping involuntarily , but I don’t think the mask will be totally wiped off .
Tip : This mask can be used daily .

Tip : Apply onto neck area as well for people who want to combat neck wrinkles .

Instructions :

1. Do your regular facial wash routine .
2. After your facial wash , apply the gel mask adequately and evenly over your face and neck area .
3. In the morning , wash your face with water .

Extra Extra :
– If you have dry or sensitive skin , keep the usage of the Steam Pore Pack and O2 Bubble Pore Pack to 1-2 times a week .
– If you have oily skin or have lots of blackheads , you should use the Steam Pore Pack and O2 Bubble Pore Pack 2 or more times a week .

Verdict : Upon finding out that this brand was having a sale , and that they had a bundle , I made my purchase . I have not used this brand before , but I had come across it before and knew that it was a good one that came from Korea .
I personally love the Pore Original Pack and Blackhead Steam Pore Pack . Both smell really nice and feels good on the skin . One’s very cooling , and the other really burns – but it wasn’t uncomfortable .
I don’t quite like the Blackhead O2 Bubble Pore Pack as it was a really ticklish experience , and thoughts on the Pore Sleeping Pack (Soft) is still on the line as I’ve only used it once and can’t see any difference . The oiliness of the Pore Sleeping Pack still bothers me a little .
However , for the price that I had gotten the bundle at , and overall , I don’t regret at all . I would recommend these masks to anyone who have enlarged pores , excessive blackheads , wants to improve skin elasticity or to keep their skin hydrated . I have rather sensitive skin and these products did not agitate my skin at all .

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the products and my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


11 thoughts on “[Review] CAOLION Pore Packs

    • Sorry , my phone’s camera isn’t that good to take such close ups . I haven’t been using all the masks every week but based off my personal opinion and what I’ve read from other blogs , it does work slightly .
      Pores cannot permanently close up , however they can be slightly tightened temporarily . I would say after using the mask , your face would feel a little tighter and totally fresh !

    • I bought it online on Qoo10 when there was a sale where these four masks were sold as a bundle . I’ve just checked and there isn’t that promotion anymore but you are still able to buy them separately .
      I don’t remember the bundle price but if you get them separately . There are different sellers so you can browse around to see which one you’d like to get from .

  1. Hi,
    I have had noticeable blackheads on my nose for a while..
    And i found these products and would like to try these!!
    Are those all products have to be used like as a step?
    Or are they just separate products?
    As a user, what would you recommend?

    • I don’t think it’s a must to use all the products in the pack , nor do you need to use them everyday . See which ones you need most then which ones react to your skin the best , and follow your own schedule .

      Some people can take on harsher washes while some with more sensitive skin normally will do masks less frequently .
      If I’m not wrong they are all separate products that give similar effects , I haven’t been using the Sleeping pore pack nor the Bubbling one because I didn’t see the need to (and the bubble one itches a lot ! ), however I really love the Heating and Cooling pack as I felt that it really refreshes my skin.

  2. Hey there, I noticed that you have tried both Skin&Lab Glacial Clay Facial Mask as well as the Caolin ones, which would you recommend more/rate higher in removing blackheads and tighten the pores? Thanks heaps in advance 🙂

    • I haven’t used either for extended periods of time so it’s a tad hard to pick which one does better . Additionally , every product does work differently on everyone’s skin , so I actually can’t decide it for you . If I’m not wrong the Caolion pack (I don’t remember the individual prices) do cost more than the Skin&Lab Clay Mask . The Skin&Lab one does help freshen the skin up , cleans up any oily residue on my face and the after effects are pretty cooling .
      I’d say both masks do a decent job with cleaning the face and tightening pores a little (since open pores cannot permanently close) and leaving the face cool , however I don’t really use them for blackheads removal (I normally try to squeeze them out myself after using a mask) .

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