[Review & Look] Nails Inc. Shoreditch (Leather Effect)

So I really liked the Nails Inc. Noho nail polish (you can find my review here) and so I decided to get more textured nail polishes .

This time I’ll be doing a review on the nail polish in shade Shoreditch , still from the same line and brand Nails Inc.As stated in my previous review , the leather texture is not very rough but does give the nail a slight grainy texture .

I apologize for the mess I left on my fingers , I planned to just paint my nails then use a cotton bud to clean off the nail polish that got onto the skin around the nail .

For this look , I went with one layer of base coat , and one layer of the actual nail polish . I skipped using a top coat as it may cancel out the texture .
Firstly , I applied a layer of Seche Clear base coat and wait for it to dry before applying the actual nail polish .


A base coat helps prevent the nail polish from staining the nail .


This is how the brush looks like .


This is how it looks like with one coat of nail polish . It looks like any other glossy nail polish , but will slowly settle when it starts to dry .


And this is one coat of the nail polish after it had settled .


The finished look – minus the cleaning of the sides of the nails .

This nail polish lasted for about a week or so before the tips of my nails started chipping . This is not a big problem because you can just paint over the chipped area and it would look fine again .

Verdict : Another favourite nail polish , Nails Inc. Shoreditch (Leather Effect) is a gorgeous maroon red shade that feels slightly grainy .

For a nail polish applied without a top coat , the staying power feels good . Most people would paint two coats , but personally I’d say one coat is fine , and maybe fill in gaps once the first coat has dried .

Nails Inc. Shoreditch retails in Sephora at $22 each .

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Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


3 thoughts on “[Review & Look] Nails Inc. Shoreditch (Leather Effect)

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  2. Are you a guy or a girl? Do men use nail color? Will ladies trust your review if you are a guy? Gee, whiz, Go get a life…… please

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