[Review] Stila Artist Essentials Set

So Sephora recently had a sales going on and I went crazy and spent a ton of money there , so there’s gonna be a lot of reviews coming up !

Stila Cosmetics was found in 1994 by celebrity makeup artist Jeanine Lobell . Stila (pronounced STEE-LA) was derived from the Italian word “stilare” , which mean “to pen” as they believed every woman’s makeup should be as individual as her own signature .

This set is also made without Phthalates .


This one of the sets that really caught my eye , one being the brand Stila , the packaging and the products in the set . I love how gorgeous the colours looked in the palettes as well as how pigmented they were when I swatched them on the back of my hand .


It comes in a box with a snap latch on the front .


The set includes :

4 palette sets .
a lip/cheek cream .
a lipstick liquid .
a waterproof eyeliner pencil .
an eyeshadow brush .
a mini how-to look card .




On the back of the packaging , there states the products included in the set including the individual names of the colours .


First up , we have the #9 all over shadow brush . This is a simple eyeshadow brush that picks up a decent amount of product and evenly spreads them across the eyelid .


Next , we have the smudge stick waterproof eye liner in stingray .


This eyeliner comes in a retractable pencil form with a sharp head for accuracy while lining your eyes .

DSC_0020I love that the eyeliner is so pigmented and dark , it also glides on my skin so easily .
However , my problem with this eyeliner is that , even though it is retractable , it can only push the lead out , but not ‘retract’ it back in , which may cause problems to those who doesn’t know that fact . You can’t check for how much product is left , so one can only use it as much as they need .


Next , we have the convertible colour dual lip & cheek cream in peony . It also contains 2g of product .


The cream comes in a compact case with a small mirror in it .


And on the back , it states the product name and shade it is in .


Swatch without flash .


Swatch with flash .


Swatch without flash , after blending .

Peony is a lovely , neutral pink colour that fits an everyday look as it feels like a natural flush once you blend it on your skin . The cream does not have any scent to it .


Next , we have the stay all day liquid lipstick in 03 patina . It also has 2ml of product .


The brush is furry and soft , and is slightly angled .


Swatch without flash .


Swatch with flash .


Swatch without flash , after blending .


Swatch with flash , after blending .


Swatch on lips without flash .
(I had bad skin that day , ignore it .__.)


Swatch with flash on lips .

The liquid lipstick in 03 patina is a lovely , nude pink colour that can fit almost any day look . It dries quite fast after applying and does stay on for quite awhile . The lipstick did not come off when I kissed the back of my hand after it had dried . There is a slight smell to the product , but shouldn’t be noticeable once it has dried .
One should take note that it is also a matte lipstick .

Next , I’ll be swatching all 4 palettes , the top side being that with eyeshadow primer on , and the bottom side being that without , to compare the pigmentation .


I will be using my NYX Eye Shadow Base in ESB03 skin tone .


Which will look like this without flash .


And this with flash .

Each set comes with 4 palettes , with a mix of shimmery and matte shades . I will be stating the name of the palettes from left to right . Each palette is 0.14 oz .
Let’s start off with the first palette called pop art .


This set has 4 palettes naming parity (shimmery sand) , irony (golden khaki green) , primary (golden hunter green) and edgy (midnight green) .


Swatch without flash .


Swatch with flash .

The next palette is called renaissance .


This set has 4 palettes naming poetry (shimmery light gold) , perspective (golden bronze) , fresco (copper shimmer) and drama (rich matte brown) .


Swatch without flash .


Swatch with flash .

The third palette is called abstract .


This set has 4 palettes naming illusion (delicate white pink) , vivid (soft lavender) , visual (deep aubergine) and linear (matte purple smoke) .


Swatch without flash .


Swatch with flash .

The last palette is called surreal .


This set has 4 palettes naming dream (soft nude) , symbolic (metallic beige shimmer) , fantasy (deep taupe) and reality (matte black smoke) .
This palette feels a little similar to the renaissance set .


Swatch without flash .


Swatch with flash .

Verdict : Stila Artist Essentials Set is a lovely set for anyone that is just starting out with doing makeup . It has the basic items needed for a simple look for your eyes , cheeks and lip .The set comes with 4 basic sets of palettes , including the look card that could give you tips on how to use the different shades on which part of the eyelid .
The colours are not very bold or vibrant , but rather fits a more day to day look with neutral pinks and browns , including pop art and surreal that adds a hint of colour without being over the top . The sets come with a mixture of shimmery and matte shades , so don’t be afraid to mix and match and find looks that you’re comfortable with .

If you compare the swatches with and without eyeshadow primer , you can really tell the difference . Eyeshadow primers are definitely something worth investing in as they help your eyeshadow adhere to your eyelids longer as they form a layer to separate the eyeshadow on your skin (which is rather useful if you have oily lids) . They also help the eyeshadow come off as the colour they were originally created to be . For an affordable yet good eyeshadow primer , you could get the NYX Eye Shadow Base that I used in this review , which is also available at Sephora .

This is my first time buying from Stila and it didn’t disappoint me . I love the colours and the pigmentation . There are hits , but also misses for me , but overall I don’t regret getting it .

The Stila Artist Essentials Set is available at Sephora for $78 .

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the products and my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


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