[Review] Teng Sheng Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant (ITE Headquarters)

I really want to write a review for this place because I think it’s one of the better Korean BBQ buffets I’ve gone to . The prices are very worth going for and the variety is good .



Price List . The fact that it’s a buffet and the prices stated are Net , it’s quite worth one’s money .


So the moment you take your seat , the waiter will bring you a pitcher of cold water , some scissors and tongs (which you will find really useful) .


Soft drinks are available at the counter . There is also this Korean Rice Water that tastes very similar to barley water , it isn’t overly sweet and I did take many refills of it .
I will also mention that drinks are also free flow (some buffets don’t offer free flow) .

What I like about the variety of food here is that they do provide quite good cuts of meat , including chicken , pork and beef . Seafood , vegetables and other misc. items also available . The pieces of meat are all quite big (look at the steaks !) and they also provide pork belly !
(For the meat , top row is non-spicy , bottom row is spicy .)





The watermelon is the only available fruit but it is quite sweet .


Korean spicy rice cakes .


Fried Dumpling and Tempura Prawn .


Kimchi Soup and Seaweed Soup .
There is also white rice available if you’re particularly hungry .

So we pretty much tried all the non-spicy meat choices since neither of us took spicy foods .We skipped the Korean rice cakes as well as they were spicy .



The coleslaw was cold and tasted good .
The tempura prawn was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside , and the seasoning was just right . The only problem was that the breading overpowered the amount of prawn in it .
The fried dumpling was also quite good although it was a little cold .




The grill cooks the meat really fast too , so you don’t have to wait very long for them to cook . Then again , beef steaks are best when they’re not fully cooked !


The one with the bone – the beef steak that tasted heavily like lamb .

The large slabs of beef slices are very juicy and tender and I can easily bite through them . The seasoning is also adequate and I could taste ginger in it .

The beef steaks has a stronger flavour and taste compared to the slabs of beef slices . They are juicy too , but with a little more chewing . The seasoning may be a tad salty for some people , but goes well with some white rice . The strong taste could also translate into the taste and smell of lamb/mutton , this was something both my friend and I felt .

The pork collar and pork belly are marinated nicely and quite juicy too ! It’s really rare to see buffets providing pork belly as they’re quite expensive .

The chicken was juicy but very salty . They would still go fine with rice though .


The Kimchi Soup has tomato , mince meat and tofu . It is slightly sweet and sour and a little salty . Not really all that spicy .

The Seaweed Soup has seaweed , mince meat and tofu . The soup is lightly salted and may taste bland but it’s to my liking , and would go well with the rather salty meats .

Verdict : We actually visited this restaurant because it was located close to where my friend lived . It’s quite a surprise that the new ITE Headquarters in Ang Mo Kio has so many stores that made it feel like a mini mall , with supermarkets , bookshops , computer gadget stores and a few different restaurants .I was quite impressed with the price and the variety of food available , some hits and some misses but overall it was a good place to have lunch .
I’d say it would be better to go during a holiday (we went during the school holidays) then there would be fewer people as this is located in an ITE . That , or maybe drop them a call before you head down ?
This restaurant is also non-Halal as they do serve pork and alcohol .

Address :
2 Ang Mo Kio Drive
Blk F
Unit F02-03B
Singapore 567720

Telephone :
6555 1696

Bus Stop (right outside the ITE) :
50 , 72 , 72A , 88 , 159

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Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

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8 thoughts on “[Review] Teng Sheng Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant (ITE Headquarters)

    • Nope . If I remember correctly , you pay at the end of your meal . Just call the server and he’ll pass you the bill .
      Also it’s free and easy so everything is buffet style , you don’t really place orders unless you want something that isn’t offered in the buffet .

  1. Been there for a few times during dinner. Service was acceptable during dinners with staff changing the hotplate whenever we request without any complain.

    However I was utterly disappointed when I visit the place on 09/10/14 for lunch buffet. My group of 6 pax requested for a big table with 2 BBQ stove as some of my friend is not taking beef. The staff who changed our table start mumble a bit of complain.

    During the course of the meal, as usual I request for the BBQ plate to be changed once its charred. upon second or third time changing the PRC aunty complained that we change too often and been occupying their table for too long.. This is ridiculous given that the restaurant is only 50-60% filled. I hope that the owner can look into it and buck up their service . If this is the way the staff going to treat the patron then something is not very right.

    • Ah thanks for your comment ! I haven’t actually been back as of now so I don’t know how the service is like anymore . I know that the staff there are PRC but during the time I went for it , it was lunch period during the school holidays and it was newly opened so there were few staff , barely anyone and service wasn’t horrible , then again we didn’t request to change the hotplate .
      They either got too cocky , like maybe business has gotten better and they think it’s okay to mistreat their customers , that I don’t know . Maybe it’s a one off thing , since you also mentioned that you’ve gotten good service during their dinner periods . I just hope it isn’t their downhill moment .

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