[Review] Le Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum


Le Xuan Hong Kong Dim Sum is actually a coffee shop-based stall . You’d be surprised how many good food comes from coffee shops here in Singapore , which is found in all , if not most of our neighbourhoods . This is also my first review based off a coffee shop stall , so I hope you guys like it !

This stall offers many different varieties of dim sum dishes , including the usual Siew Mai (steam pork dumplings) , Ha Gao (steam prawn dumplings) , different types of baos (steam buns) and other sides .
What is well known here is their steam rice with chicken/pork and custard buns .

DSC_0007The menu , which one can pick up in front of the stall . You place your orders on the menu before passing it back to the shop owners for them to prepare .


Sweet chili sauce provided for the dumplings .

It was rather late , past midnight , so I hadn’t order too many dishes .


Custard Bao (3 Pcs) $4.00 .

This bao taste so good . Loaded with egg yolk and custard , it is slightly sweet and salty , which melts in your mouth the moment you bite into it .


Siew Mai (4 Pcs) $3.60 .

The siew mai contains pork and mushroom in it . It’s really soft and juicy , and tasted quite nice , to my surprise .


Shrimp Roll (3 Pcs) $3.60 .

Prawns , squid paste and chives , wrapped in bean curd skin . This was also rather tasty and juicy . The skin wasn’t too thick , and the meat ratio was good .


Deep Fried Dumpling (5 Pcs) $4.20 .

These dumplings were filled with prawn pieces and prawn paste ; and mayonnaise was also provided on the side . Crunchy on the outside , juicy on the inside . It felt like it’s money worth , packed with lots of filling , and didn’t feel like I was paying for just the skin . It didn’t feel too oily either .


Pork Ribs with Rice $3.60 .

A small bowl of rice topped with a few pieces of pork ribs , drenched with a slightly sweet , rather salty soup . The rice was slightly tough (but I was told it was meant to be that way) , and the meat was a little spicy and tough to bite . The soup itself may be a little salty , but it complements the rice really well . One may also request for more soup if you feel like it isn’t enough .


And this meal was shared between two people – and more than enough !

The stall is located at :

Changi Village Food CornerBlock 5 , #01-2055/2063
Changi Village Road
Singapore 500005

Tel : 9069 4141

Verdict : A definite recommend for dim sum lovers or those who would like to give dim sum a try . Good service , and affordable prices . The quality of the food was well above average as well . They are also open til quite late if you’re looking for supper .
Do take note that this coffee shop is located quite deep into Changi Village and thus I would advise that someone drives or if you know where to alight (there’s a bus stop right in front of the coffee shop) .

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Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

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