[Look] Thy Undercut

Remember that reblog ?
This one , The Haircut All Men Should Get .

So I’ve actually done this before about two years back , that wasn’t as drastic or obvious looking . And since I’ve always liked having the sides of my head shaved down because it bugs me when the sides/back have long hair , I decided to go for it again . Then ya know , this post just shows up and I fell in love with the look and well , I just need to have it .
Recently I’ve been trying to change up my outer appearance to match when I feel on the inside and with makeup and nail polishes coming into play , I decided to have some fun with my hair as well . Since I don’t dye my hair , the more different the hairstyle the better . I really would like some new clothes too but I don’t have the money to get anything I like (or that none of the ones I like fit my size) Q^Q

So here goes .

Oh also this is how I look before .

And this is how I look now .




The awesome hairdresser ! :DD




So yep . The Undercut hairstyle comes to life . This is so new to me , since I usually don’t bother with my hair and now I kind of need to maintain it before I leave the house !
It isn’t anything wild or special (it’s pretty common I know) , it’s just not something you’d see on me since I usually don’t do anything fancy with my hair .

Also , this only cost $10 !
With an additional hair spray at $14 .

I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do !


Leave your thoughts !

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