[Review] ESSENCE Long Lasting Eye Pencil

So as you know , I’m a long time fan of ESSENCE Cosmetics and popped by to see what else was on sale the other day and manage to pick up some items .
There were 8 shades in total (purple , dark blue , light blue , dark green , gold , silver , brown , black ) . I skipped the black since I already had many , light blue and brown didn’t glide as smooth as the other colours and silver just didn’t appeal to me as much .

So the colours I picked up were :


Top-bottom : 15 Bling Bling , 12 I Have A Green , 09 Cool Down .


These are long lasting eyeliners that come in a variety of coloured metallic shades . These pencils are also retractable . It isn’t specified if this is waterproof .


Swatch (Without Flash) Top-bottom : 15 Bling Bling , 12 I Have A Green , 09 Cool Down .


Swatch (With Flash) Top-bottom : 15 Bling Bling , 12 I Have A Green , 09 Cool Down .

The eyeliners glide rather smooth and feel creamy . They are also quite pigmented . They do last for quite a few hours unless you sweat a lot or rub your eyes (which might cause it to smudge off a little) .


I wore the 12 I Have A Green last night with TOSOWOONG‘s MAKEON My First Time Purple and Cat’s Eye Wild Black on the lash and waterline . The black wasn’t very obvious but the purple and green did stay on for quite a few hours through lots of sweating . After about 3 hours , I checked and the purple had smudged way more than the green . Both colours did not feel as pigmented as when I first applied , although the colours were still apparent on my bottom lids , and by the end of the night , it felt like a green/purple/black smoky look .

ESSENCE Long Lasting Eye Pencils are retailed at $4.50 each and sold exclusively at Watsons .

Verdict : Personally I feel like like the colours are pigmented and glides well on my eyes . They do last for quite a few hours as the name goes . It does smudge a little if you rub your eyes though . They are certainly better eyeliners with longer stay-on power that cost a lot higher , but with such ESSENCE products do go at affordable prices , I do believe it’s worth getting if you want to try them out . They also do come in some nice shades , like the light blue one .

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Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

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