[Update] I’ve got my eyes set on ..


So the mall near my house , Bedok Mall , just opened and it’s filled with so many shops , some of which look new , some I’ve never seen before , but mostly it’s just a mall that interests me a whole lot !

So I walked around for a little bit and this cosmetics shop caught my eye instantly – VDL Cosmestics . I’ve checked out some of their products and I must say they have pretty strong pigmentation for the eyeshadows , really nice eyeliners (pencil , pen , gel , liquid) and all smudge and water proof , and a wide variety of nail polishes . They also carry makeup brushes and other makeup products like primers , foundations and lipsticks .
What really peaked my interests were these pigmented , smooth and creamy eyeliners that come in black and a few other colours . The liquid liner has a very fine tip – perfect for doing a sexy cat’s eye .
I also would like to give a mention to their makeup remover , which is although slightly oily , it works really well without needing to wipe the makeup off with too much strength and didn’t leave any residues , paired with a light fragrance to it .

I know it isn’t a new cosmetics brand but what I do know is that it only recently launched in Singapore a few months ago and so having one now so close to where I live is pure joy to me !

So keep a look out on my page as I will be buying some goodies from that store soon , and of course not forgetting reviews and such !


Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .




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