[Look] Alternating Colour Nail Polish (ESSENCE 109 & 138)

So I thought I’d start adding looks I do for my blog since I know I need the practice and experimenting if I want to be a makeup artist . Also some times I just like being myself , having fun and creating looks that fit my personality .

I know I’m a guy and so many people are going to question what I do – why does a guy need makeup , why are you using nail polish , why do you act like that , or talk like that , and the answer’s simple , I want to be true to myself , to be able to express my creativity and personality on the outside and I really don’t want to change any of it just so others can feel better or safer .

So first up , I’ll just upload a picture of the most recent – nail look I did last night , and will probably keep them on until they chip off . It’s pretty simple though , nothing fancy or hard to do . The edges are a little chipped (I really don’t know why it happened because I was being really careful !) , but they’re not really that obvious .


Products I used to achieve the look :
ESSENCE 109 off to miami !
Seche Clear Crystal Clear Base Coat
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

First a layer of Seche Clear , then 2-3 coats of 109 and 138 respectively (depending on how opaque it turned out) then a thick layer of Seche Vite .

I was wondering which two colours I wanted to go for and somehow just picked these two shades . Light , fun , and pretty ! Something easy to do but still look different enough . These two colours really do complement each other . This would be for a spring or autumn look (although we only have summer here in Singapore D; ) , or even a Christmas look ( that’s not too cliche dark green and red  ) !

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the look , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


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