[Review] Sephora – Colour Hit Nail Polish in 02 & 44


Sephora is a beauty-retail concept founded in France in 1970 . Sephora carries not only it’s house brand but also of other classic and emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare , makeup , body , haircare and fragrance .

Two nail polishes that I got from Sephora right before a Halloween event . I was looking for a blood red tone however they didn’t carry any so this was the closest I could find .


Left-Right : 44 Resist To Temptation , 02 Under The Covers .


44 Resist To Temptation – More towards a brownish-berry red . I didn’t properly apply the nail polish as seen in this picture because I was doing a Halloween look and was going to wipe the areas around my cuticles . This nail colour also has 3 coatings and a clear top coat .


The finished look – dipped in blood / bloody fingernail  ! (I will attach a link to the tutorial in the near future) .


02 Under The Covers – One layer of the nail polish . It is streaky because it is white (or any other light shade/pastel colour for that matter) .


This look has two coats of nail polish . It is much more opaque although may still see through a little depending on how much nail polish you applied on . I also have a clear top coat applied .

Verdict : 44 Resist To Temptation is pretty and versatile . When it is opaque , it is dark brownish in tone , and when you remove a layer or two , it shows a more purple-berry tone .02 Under The Covers is a neutral white colour . It is a nice shade and has a nice shine even before adding a top coat . The only problem I had was that it turned yellow after just two days of wearing it , although it might also be because I was at work at the lighting was really bright . (I’m unsure if other brands are like this but I read that white nail polish do turn yellow after absorbing light for a period of time .) This is not a very big problem as I checked , you could use your nail polish remove to lightly wipe your nail and the yellow will come right off , leaving your white nail polish intact .
Each nail polish is 5ml .

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Love , Gee .

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