[Review] Za Perfect Action Mascara (Waterproof) & Original Eyelash Curler


The Za brand was first launched in 1997 targeting the expanding middle income population . Currently , they are a comprehensive skincare and makeup brand and is positioned as a masstige brand . Za retails mostly in drugstores across Asia as well as New Zealand .

Finally after working through the weekend , I have energy to do another review on my off day . Today’s review will be about the Perfect Action Mascara (Waterproof) & Original Eyelash Curler that I purchased awhile ago . I bought the set so I wasn’t actually able to pick which mascara I wanted .


The Za Perfect Action Mascara is a new mascara that was just released . It comes in two different formulas , one smudgeproof and one waterproof .



I tried taking a close up of the brush but it just came out blurry . I apologize for that .

On the website , the properties of the wand show :

Wide Volume Brush – Separate , upward lashes in two easy actions .

Long Stretch Fiber – Closely fit the subtle curve of your lashes and make them look defined and long .

I actually did a swatch but I couldn’t snap a picture to properly show the extend of the lashes . I personally do like this formula as it does what it says – by adding volume to my lashes and making them a lot thicker and longer . Although , it does sometimes clump together and make my lashes stick to one another . This is solution dries pretty fast , and can be wiped off easily with your personal makeup remover .

Za Original Eyelash Curler



This eyelash curler only came in one colour in the set – a silvery pink . I will not be talking about this product much because it is only my first eyelash curler and I am unsure of what differences there are between different brands . I will mention that I cannot use this curler because the sides (the part where it moves up and down) pokes into the eyes of my eye sockets and pinches the skin when I try to close . I have hooded eyelids and ingrown eyelashes (but it doesn’t cause irritation , it’s a hereditary thing , my mum has it too) and so it’s really difficult to curl my lashes/apply mascara or eyeliner .

Verdict : Love the mascara , although I have a problem with the sticking of the lashes , but otherwise it’s good . The curler , maybe not , something I would skip – maybe it just isn’t suitable for my eye type .

 * I purchased this Za Perfect Action Mascara (Waterproof) & Original Eyelash Curler set in Watsons .

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Love , Gee .

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