[Review] Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken (Tampines Mall)


Nando’s first started out in South Africa with it’s original name Chickenland . Nando’s elevates the taste of Portuguese-style chicken with it’s secret Peri-Peri sauces and marinates ! They have won multiple major awards such as the Top Five Most Exciting Food Concepts in London and Restaurateur of the Year in the UK .
An honorable mention too , is that Nando’s is a LGBT-friendly restaurant .

What is Peri-Peri ?

It is the Swahili name for Bird’s Eye chili which hails from southern Africa .


Nando’s offer four levels of spiciness of their sauces – Lemon & Herb , Mild (Medium) , Hot and Extra Hot . One picks the sauce to go with your dish upon ordering , and if you require more sauce (or would like to try something different) , there are sauce bottles located near the entrance .


I opted for the Lemon & Herb (Wild Herb) and my friend got the Hot Peri-Peri .

Note : Probably not as spicy as the other levels , but nonetheless the Lemon & Herb Peri-Peri was still spicy . It is also slightly sour (also depending on the venue , mine was quite sour) .

Then this would be the life-saver if you’re not a spicy-eater .


Their Bottomless beverage – refillable soft drinks for $2.90 , really good if you can’t handle spicy food .


Nando’s decor and ambiance is very casual and relaxing . The staff were friendly and helpful , however some were too busy to notice when we raised our hands , and one in particular kept rushing us to order our food >l

Every main dish can either be ordered ala-carte or have an add-on combination of either 2 regular sides or 1 fino (large) side .


Chicken Butterfly Chicken Breast with Coleslaw and Chips .

The Butterfly Chicken Breast is essentially chicken breast without any bones , topped with the sauce you chose . The chicken was really good and I enjoyed it a lot . The portion was acceptable and the meat was succulent . It was also good that it was not dry at all , something that you’d imagine chicken breast would be . It is best to have the chicken with the sauce of your choice as the chicken is only lightly marinated .

The Coleslaw consisted of shredded cabbage and carrots . The mayonnaise wasn’t overpowering , the right amount of sweetness and the vegetable were crunchy . This was served cold .

Chips are pretty much just fries , and one may request the ‘Peri-sprinkle‘ which is a spicy/sour/salty combination spice powder that serves as a dip for the fries . The fries itself were actually nice , they weren’t covered in oil or soggy , instead they were cooked perfectly .


My friend had ordered the 1/4 Chicken with Spicy Rice and Chips .

The Peri-Peri Chicken available on the list comes in different portions , from 1/4 and 1/2 to a whole chicken . Although he requested for the breast meat , I believe there were still bones on it .

The Spicy Rice , as he put it , was usually much spicier than what he had gotten that day . I took a mouthful and did not feel that it was spicy at all , however it was really tasty as I could taste the spices added into the rice .


And a mention , this be Sky , enjoying his plate of Peri-Peri Chicken !

Verdict : My friend and I visited the outlet a little before the dinner crowd came in ( and that was a very good thing because by the time we left , the place was packed ! ) It is a good place to hang out with friends to enjoy a good meal . The price for portion and quality is also acceptable . The menu is small however there are still many choices from the main Chicken meals to side orders and appetizers to desserts ; there are also meals made for kids .

Other than being chased to order our food , and when we actually did while she was being sarcastic to us and apparently forgotten to key in our orders for drinks , everything else was pleasant . The wait staff were friendly and apologized when we asked where our drinks were .

This was the first time I visited Nando’s (although not the first time I’ve tried their food) , I will say that I would definitely return . I loved the food ; I loved the way they prepared the chicken . A point to remember is that the sauces are all spicy , regardless of their levels , so if you’re not good with spice , get a glass of cold water with you , or just get the bottomless beverage option !

You would probably spend about $20 per person if you add-on the combination sides and a drink with your main dish .

Contact Information for Tampines Mall outlet :

Tampines Mall , 4 , Tampines Central 5 , #01-46
Singapore 529510

Tel : 6789 5052

Nando’s Singapore

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