[Review] Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine (Marina Square)


Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine is a new restaurant based in Marina Square‘s renovated area called the Dining Section . They are also the first and only restaurant in Singapore that offers healthy multi-grain food . This restaurant’s decor and ambiance is very Chinese-influenced ; as one would feel like you’re having your meal right in China itself .


They also have an open kitchen right at the entrance where you can see them prepare the dishes .

My family visited this restaurant on a weekday right before the lunch crowd joined in , and already there were a few people having their meals . The wait staff were friendly although it was hard for me to ask them questions because they only spoke in Mandarin (and I am rather bad at that) .


This restaurant offers multiple menus to choose from , such as the extra value meals menu of “Set Menu for 1” or “Set Menu for 4” etc. or even family feast portions . There were four of us dining , so we went with the extra value meals’ one set of “Set Menu for 1” for $15.80 and one set of “Set Menu for 2” for $38.80 as the items on the menu felt adequate for the price quoted . Every set comes with a Fresh Soybean Milk .

For these value set menus , there were multiple food items in each category and we were to pick 1 out of each category .

Below will be pictures of the dishes that we chose , in no particular order or sets .


Fresh Soybean Milk .

This drink is served warm and lightly sweetened . This is also not refillable . It doesn’t taste amazing but it is passable .


Steam Chicken with Chili Sauce .

Garnished with spring onions and peanuts on top . The chicken was prepared well , it was succulent and soft . This dish was also really spicy to me .


Braised Pork Ribs with Special Home-made Sauce .

The pork ribs were cooked til the meat was soft and came off the bone easily . Coated with the homemade sauce evenly . The sauce was slightly sweet and slightly salty , and actually tasted pretty good .


Lamian with Sauteed Bean Paste .

This included mincemeat , tofu , cucumber and garnished with spring onion . The noodle is springy and chewy which was well-made . Lamian comes in a bundle , so you might need to request the waitress to help cut the noodle upon being served . Sweet , salty and yes , this is also another spicy dish .


Lamian with Pork and Vegetable Dumpling .

The noodle is similar to the one stated above . This bowl of noodles included several dumplings and some leafy vegetable on the side .The broth is really tasty . Something light and simple and this is a non-spicy option .


This is the inside of the dumpling . Filled with pork and carrots . The dumpling is actually quite big , it’s skin thin and smooth and it is salty but goes well with the light broth .


Top is Purple Potato Vegetable Dumpling , and bottom is “Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao” Steamed Pork Dumpling .


The insides of the Purple Potato Vegetable Dumpling .

The Purple Potato Vegetable Dumpling is essentially made with sweet potato as it’s skin and has carrots and an unidentifiable type of vegetable as it’s filling . Although the colour was something interesting as I’ve not seen it before , it has a very distinct taste to the filling and my family didn’t really enjoy it . One is able to taste a hint of sweet potato in the skin although it is not sweet . The skin is also quite thick and hard on where the folds are located at .

The “Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao” Steamed Pork Dumpling tasted pretty good , I actually enjoyed it . The size of the dumpling is bite-sized and can easily be place whole into your mouth . ‘Xiao Long Bao’ is essentially dumplings with meat and soup as the fillings . This dumpling has the right amount of saltiness and the skin is also thin enough to hold the filling yet not break upon touching it .


Dessert is Mango Pudding .


Comes with a cup of milk .

The Mango Pudding is slightly sweet and quite chunky (one may feel the veins of the mango within the pudding) . It is soft and silky although it does not feel ‘expensive’ .

*I apologize but I did not manage to snap photos of some of the other dishes (even though I was really sure I did) . This dishes include : Hot and Sour Soup in “Sze Chuan” Style and Lamian with Shredded Pork and Preserved Vegetable “Zha Cai” .

The Hot and Sour Soup in “Sze Chuan” has mushrooms , fungus , bamboo shoots and peas as it’s main ingredients . The soup is also of the starchy kind . Slightly sweet , slightly sour , and very spicy . Take caution if you’re not a spicy-eater .

Lamian with Shredded Pork and Preserved Vegetable “Zha Cai” has noodles similar to that of those mentioned above , with ingredients like shredded pork strips and “zha cai” , which is essentially pickled mustard plant steam originating from Sichuan , China . I quite enjoyed this dish as the pork was cooked right , juicy and soft , and the “zha cai” was a good complement to the dish . Slightly salty from the pickled vegetable and is a non-spicy option .

Verdict : Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine is a new addition to Marina Square’s Dining Edition and it is the first in Singapore . It has a very Chinese-styled decor and ambiance . The staff were friendly and nice , although you may need to be able to speak some Mandarin as the staff are all Chinese . There are a lot of choices of sets or ala-carte dishes from the menu , which would be beneficial if you are dining alone or with a group of people . The prices are reasonable for the set meals as the portions are enough for the allocated people (we ordered the set for three and there were four of us and it was very filling) . The food were prepared well , and came promptly without much waiting . There are some really good dishes , and some that we might not order again , but in general it was a good experience .

Note : A lot of their dishes are spicy , so if you don’t take spicy food , be sure to ask the staff before placing your orders . Or just have cold water next to you if you want to try them out .

Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine
Marina Square Mall , #02-181/182
6 Raffles Boulevard
Tel : 63334038

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