[Update] Another Makeup Haul !

Hey Guys !

So it’s been awhile since I bought any makeup and so I was looking around to build my collection . These few days I’ve been out looking at different stores and looking for makeup that are usable , wearable and affordable . Below are the items I have purchased .


Oh please stop me now .

I try my best to buy items within my budget (I ain’t rich , I can’t afford expensive brands even though I really want to) , although they still add up to quite a bit in the end .

The items are as followed :

ZaPerfect Action Mascara (Waterproof) & Original Eyelash Curler , both came together in a set .

NYXMatte Lipstick in shade MLS 10 Perfect Red

NYXJumbo Eye Pencil in shade 604 Milk

NYXWaterproof Retractable Eyeliner in MPE01 White

NYXEye Shadow Base in shade ESB03 Skin Tone

SephoraRouge Cream Lipstick in shade R02 Courtisane deep brick red

SephoraLight Veil Foundation in shade 21 clair light

SephoraBronzing Powder in shade 2 Medium

SephoraEyelashes and Eyelash Glue in style cabaret

SephoraEyelashes and Eyelash Glue in style mysterious

ARDELLFashion Lashes in style 115 Black

ARDELLAdhesive for Strip Lashes in Dark

Sephora Colour Hit Nail Polish in shade 02 Under The Covers

SephoraColour Hit Nail Polish in shade 44 Resist To Temptation

nails inc Leather Effect in shade 053 noho

COLLECTIONExtreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara in shade 2 Blue

COLLECTIONShimmer Shades in palette 1. Way To Go

COLLECTIONShimmer Shades in palette 2. Blushalicious

Yep so that’s all for now . I have been looking for a good , affordable bronzer (since the Essence one didn’t really show on my skin) and Sephora had a pretty good product . I was also looking for a waterproof white eyeliner since I already have every other colour except white , and NYX Jumbo Pencils are amazing because they’re so creamy and smooth , and really pigmented .. AND affordable !  I needed a primer as well , so I grabbed one from NYX .

I have also been looking for nude and sharp red lipsticks , however I only managed to find two red ones , and no good nude ones . Most red lipsticks fall between plum or orange , and it wasn’t easy finding the right shade I wanted . The two lipsticks I picked up from Sephora and NYX are both really pretty , reds that are not too shiny yet not too dull .

Falsies were something I always see people use in tutorials but never managed to grab some for myself to try , and so since I was at Sephora and saw some pretty ones that got my attention , I picked up some for myself . The Sephora lashes are beautiful , one has a ‘winged’ edge and the other comes in stunning purple . I had also grabbed the Za Mascara/Curler set since I didn’t own a curler and wanted to try it out .

I love.. LOVE coloured mascaras because they can really make a look pop ! I’ve been trying to find them since I first bought makeup , and there wasn’t much out there in the market , Singapore’s stores anyway . The first coloured mascaras I found were in Sephora , but they only came in brown , blue and purple , but the solution looked really clumpy and the wands were hard so I skipped them . Today I visited Watsons and found some brands I haven’t seen before , and actually , with luck , found some affordable coloured mascaras !

Which leads me to this paragraph . COLLECTION . I’ve actually never come across this brand before , not the previous visit to Watsons anyway . The first item I picked up from this brand was the Extreme Coloured Lengthening Mascara and it came in black and blue , and of course I took the blue one . I took the wand out and the blue was beautiful , stunningly bright and bold . The solution didn’t get clumpy on the wand either . The other two items that caught my eye were the Shimmer Shades palettes . At first I didn’t really pay any attention , but I remembered I didn’t have any good shimmer blushes with me and decided to do a swatch , and to my surprise , they were really pigmented . They are shimmery yes , but not overpowering . It’s a good amount of shimmer to make one look glowing , yet not dewy and oily . In the 1. Way To Go palette , the the four shades are on a more neutral brown/beige/skin pink tones , and on the 2. Blushalicious palette , the four shades are of pinks , bright pink/raspberry/plum shades . The 1. Way To Go palette is more pigmented and stronger , while the 2. Blushalicious palette is lighter although still shows through on your cheeks for a more natural pink , wouldn’t want to have super rosy cheeks would ya !

I picked up the nail polishes because I didn’t have those shades with me . The white , I always wanted a white nail polish . The dark red (for Halloween) – I wanted a bloody crimson red but none of the brands in Sephora carried that shade so I picked one closest to what I was looking for . And I got the nails inc. Leather Effect nail polish because it was really pretty and I loved the effect on the nail , without being too rough like the Concrete Effect one , and would look amazing during Halloween (black and grainy) !

Well guys , that’s all for my haul . I will be a little busy tonight and the whole of tomorrow so the next review will up either tomorrow night or in two days . I will also be doing reviews and swatches for all the products listed in this haul when I get the time !

I have added some new categories/pages to my blog – that’s one of the new updates today . They’re more precise now , and it’ll be easier to find what you’re looking for . The new categories include Tips & Information and Tutorials , when previously it was just Tips & Tutorials . I split up the Tutorials into it’s own category because I’ve been trying out some makeup looks in my free time (I have three done now) and I may be updating that category soon with looks I’ve created .

For this year’s Halloween , I have also purchased a ton of SFX makeup items . I may also be doing reviews and tutorials some time soon on them , or at least when I am good at using them . Lots of paint , blood , wax and liquid latex !

Right . Now I need to start experimenting with liquid latex on my skin – because who buys liquid latex ONE DAY before the Halloween event and hope to be able to create some good looks . Yes , that’s right .. ME ! Okay well maybe it’s because I bought Gelatine on Monday and that didn’t work out , bought SFX Wax on Wednesday and that didn’t work either , so liquid latex on Friday , and I really hope this works .. hooray ..

No sleep for tonight as usual . Please save me . I’ll end it off here .

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the products and my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


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