[Information] Differences with Sun Protections & BB and CC Creams


What is SPF ?

SPF stands for sun protection factor . The number associated with the SPF is the number of times longer that you will be protected from burning than you would be without sunscreen . A SPF 30 product should protect you for 300 minutes of sunburn , although this is only protection against UVB rays and not UVA rays .

What is UVB ?

UVB rays are Ultraviolet B rays . They are short waves and are the primary cause of sunburns as they tend to damage the more superficial layers of the skin .

What is UVA ?

UVA rays are Ultraviolet A rays . These are long waves that are less intense than UVB rays , but more prevalent and can penetrate through clouds and glass . They are the primary cause of premature aging and wrinkles .


What is PA ?

PA is a Japanese rating system that was a way to show how much protection you are receiving from UVA rays . You will see either PA+ , PA++ , or PA+++ on the label , with more + signs meaning a higher level of UVA protection .

What is BB Cream ?

It is known as Blemish Balm , a cosmetic item sold in Korea and have gotten really popular over the last few years in the US . They provide coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF and anti-oxidants–the list goes on depending on what brand you choose. They’re lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers.

What is CC Cream ?

It is known as Colour Correcting and are the improved versions of BB Cream . The products are meant to address issues like redness (usually with light-diffusing particles) .They are generally lighter than BB Creams because the main goal is to brighten the face .

Why does BB Cream come in different shades and CC Cream only in white ?

BB Creams have different shades because they are meant to be used as coverage . CC Creams only come in white (with different finishes/effects) depending on the brand , as they are not meant to completely cover , but to alleviate redness or sallowness in the skin . They are meant to brighten up the skin’s dullness .

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