[Review] WARAKU Japanese Restaurant (Central)


Waraku means “Peace and Harmony” in the Japanese native language . They opened it’s first outlet in 2000 at East Coast Park . It offers cuisine from the Kyoto prefecture to Singapore , from sushi to tempura to kaminabes (mini hot-pots) . Waraku has many concepts , those being Waraku Casual Dining , Pasta De Waraku , Cafe de Waraku and Mr. Curry .

It’s been awhile since we ate at Waraku , so my friend and I visited the Central outlet on a weekday just before the lunch crowd came in . Service was good , the waiters were attentive and friendly , and the food came without much waiting . We ordered from the set menu , which was 1 udon + 1 don . We also ordered a green tea and chawanmushi (steamed egg) separately . I apologize for not having the picture of the menu here .


The first item that came to our table were our Iced Green Teas . They are refillable , and there is a choice of hot or cold . The taste of the green taste wasn’t strong , but it wasn’t too diluted either .


The sides we ordered – Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg) .

The egg was a little bland so I added some soy sauce to it , which tasted great . The ingredients in the dish were the usual piece of chicken , naruto and mushroom , but there was also a piece of prawn which stood out from the usual Chawanmushis I’ve had . The ingredients in the Chawanmushi were cooked nicely , the chicken and prawn were soft and juicy , and the egg itself was also really soft and glided in my mouth .


My friend had ordered Cha Soba + Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg over Rice) .

Cha Soba is served cold , paired with a bowl of dipping sauce called soba tsuyu and sprinkled with strips of seaweed and spring onion . The Oyakodon , which is a Japanese rice bowl dish , has chicken , egg , sliced scallion and other ingredients that are simmered together in a sauce and served on a bed of rice .

I did not taste either of these dishes but both my friend and I are fans of Waraku food , and he has always ordered Cha Soba when we visit their outlets . The noodles are fresh , and the chicken is always cooked well .


And finally my dish came – Shoyu Ramen + Gyudon (Beef bowl) .

The Shoyu Ramen was really good . Served with seaweed , bamboo shoots and spring onion . Shoyu , which is one of the four main types of ramen soup flavours , is a soy sauce made from fermenting soy beans to make the soup salty . The broth was salty and sweet , the way I like it ! The noodles were cooked perfectly , not too hard yet not too mushy ; they were also springy and tasted wonderful .

Gyudon is a Japanese dish consisting of beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavoured with dashi (seaweed and fish stock) , soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine) on a bed of rice , topped with a slightly cooked egg , ginger and spring onion . The Gyudon came with a side of pickled ginger as well . The Gyudon was amazing , beef bowls are something I LOVE . The beef was cooked well , springy and juicy , not too tough to bite , not too salty or sweet .

Verdict : If you like Japanese cuisine , then Waraku is a great place to visit . Be it the casual dining outlets or the pasta outlets , both are good choices . I would recommend getting the 1 udon + 1 don set as they’re really worth the buck , the portions are also enough for one person .They also have great kaminabes (mini hot-pots) . Green tea – a must have to start and finish a Japanese meal . Remember that peak hours will always bring in crowds , so if you want to be served quickly , go before or after the crowd arrives .

You may find more information at :

Waraku Japanese Casual Dining
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-89/97/98, The Central
Singapore 059817
+65 6224 1156
Website : Waraku

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