[Review] Jack’s Place (Century Square)


The restaurant started in 1966 in Singapore and went by the name of Jack’s Place Steak House . It has since won many awards such as AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards in 2010 . It is also under JP Pepperdine Group Pte. Ltd. The restaurant is also Halal , though alcohol is served upon request .


The designs on the side of our table .

My family and I visited the outlet at Century Square on a Wednesday before the lunch hour crowd came by . Nice ambiance and the staff were friendly and attentive . We ordered three main dishes , two of the daily set menu choices and one ala-carte which came with the same appetizer and dessert when upgraded .


First up – Soup Of The Day . This was a Minestrone Soup , filled with prawns , tomatoes , onions , kidney beans , celery , carrots and noodles . One slice of garlic bread per bowl of soup was served .

It was tasty and nicely seasoned , however I did add salt and pepper to my bowl of soup . The vegetables were soft but not mushy , and the prawns were cooked well . It wasn’t sour at all , I did enjoy it .


My dad had the Daily Set Menu – Grilled Boneless Chicken with Satay Sauce topped with Pineapple Rings .

So technically , one pineapple ring . This also came with a side of corn , carrot and french beans with grilled potato cubes . I didn’t get to taste the sides , but the chicken was succulent and juicy , well prepared . The satay sauce was light tasting but one could taste the peanuts in it . It was also slightly spicy . I would say that the chicken doesn’t really pick up the sauce unless you really scoop it up .


My mum had the Daily Menu Set – Sirloin Steak with Mustard Seed Sauce .

The steak was to be prepared in medium rare and it came to us cooked perfectly , with a reddish warm centre and with the meat being juicy and springy . It also came with a side of corn , carrots and french beans with grilled potato cubes . The mustard sauce tasted really good with the steak , a must-have try if you order this set . Slightly sweet , slightly spicy with the taste of mustard .


And finally , mine was the Jack’s Homemade Chicken and Beef Patty in Capers Brown Sauce .

The patty was served on a bed of mashed potatoes with onions , mesclun salad mix drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and corn , carrots and french bean on the side . Initially I thought that it came with two patties – one chicken , one beef , I was wrong.


Cutting into it , this is how thick the patty is .

.This patty was thick , slightly juicy yet slightly dry . It was tougher to bite into than the steak , which was surprising as most patties are soft to bite . Although it did tasted good , one could taste both the chicken and beef in the patty . The mash potato was soft and smooth . The mesclun salad mix was fresh and crunchy , not a fan of vegetables but this salad I enjoyed thoroughly . The brown sauce didn’t add much taste to the patty , so I tried eating it with tomato ketchup and the mustard seed sauce that came with the steak , and both tasted much better . You should try the patty with the mustard sauce , it’s good !


Dessert today was a bowl of fruits – Watermelon , Honeydew and Longan .

The fruits were in bite-sized cubes and were sweet . The honey dew was a little tough to bite into , but they were nonetheless a good end to our lunch .


And finally , every set has to come with a cuppa . Mine was tea , while my parents got the coffee .

Nothing special here . Every set meal comes with a soup , dessert and either a coffee or tea . Served with a milk in a separate pot , and usually served after the meal .

Verdict : A good meal on a good day , no crowd when we ordered so the food came to us fast and warm . Friendly staff were attentive and helpful . The dishes were something I haven’t tried before the many times I’ve visited Jack’s Place , and they were certainly not a disappointment . For the price and quality , I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant , and certainly I would pay another visit some time again . Try to visit during off peak hours so it would be easier to grab a seat and not wait for your food for too long .

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Love , Gee .

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