[Review] SKIN&LAB Glacial Clay Facial Mask and Mont-Blanc Glacial Water Drop


SKIN&LAB is a Korean beauty brand with a plethora of products that are produced with natural ingredients and infused with vitamins . The products consist of hypoallergenic materials passed with strict skin test , approved by HSA (Singapore) & KDA (Korea) .

I saw these two products online during a sale of a 1-for-1 price and thought they were really worth the buck . I didn’t have any similar products and since it was of a well-known brand , I trusted and was really eager to give them a try . Below will be a review of the products I bought as well as some additional info at the end of the review .



The Glacial Clay Facial Mask comes with a spatula for hygiene purposes . I use it to take the clay out and to spread it on my face .

This product has Glacial Clay [3000mg] that comes from Canada . This is under the Dr. Pore Tightening range .

Main Ingredients & Properties :

Canadian Glacial Clay

  • Sebum Control
  • Skin Waste Removal
  • Acne Resolving
  • Calming


  • Dead Cell Removal
  • Skin Softening
  • Deep Hydration

Tea Tree Leaf

  • Acne Prevention
  • Acne Solving
  • Calming

Portulaca Oleracea Extract

  • Hydration Protection
  • Calming
  • Antioxidant Effect


  • Sensitivity Reduction
  • Dead Skin Cell Reduction

Kaolin & Bentonite

  • Sebum/Waste Removal
  • Pore Contraction



This is the amount of clay I used on my face . It may differ from person to person depending on how much face area you want to cover as well as the shape and size of your face .

Directions :

Apply enough mask to cover face evenly , avoiding the eye area . Leave on for about 15-20 minutes until the mask sets and dries off . Wash the mask off with clean warm water . Apply toner and/or moisturizer to face after cleansing .

Recommended frequency :

  • 2-3 times a week for oily skin .
  • 1-2 times a week for dry to normal skin .


Just applied . (You get to enjoy this green face of mine !)


After 20 minutes when the clay mask dries .

When you first apply the mask to your face , there WILL be sharp prickly burning sensations all around the face . This is normal , as stated on the website , that it is just the mask activating it’s pore cleansing effect . This prickly sensation will last for about 5 minutes . This feeling will then gradually decline to a few areas around your face after about 5-10 minutes . At around the 15-20 minute mark , there should not be any burning sensation anymore and your mask should have already set and dried . Once the mask has fully dried , you can wash it off with water . Right after , one may choose to apply moisturizer .

Note : If you’d like to enjoy more contraction and calming effect from the mask , place it in the fridge to keep it cool . Also , do not leave the container open as it dries up pretty quickly .

Right after using the Glacial Clay Facial Mask , my face felt generally smoother and softer . It didn’t make my skin dry one bit , and it felt like my skin did brighten up quite a bit . I also quite love the strong scent of the tea tree leaf which is actually one of my favourite smells for a facial cleanser . It smells wonderful and perks you right up !



The Mont-Blanc Glacial Water Drop (50ml) .

This moisturizer is one of the three in the series of the Dr. Water Supply . All three moisturizers have different ingredients thus having different properties .


This moisturizer is gel-based and comes in a pump bottle . This is also suitable for sensitive skin . It is oil-free therefore being suitable for any skin type .

Functions : Moisturizing and improving skin tone .

Features of water :

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals .
  • Provides moisture and elasticity for dry and rough skin .
  • High mineral content for clear and healthy skin .


The Mont-Blanc Glacial Water Drop is not sticky or oily when you apply it to your face . It is rather smooth and spreads out nicely . Glacial water used as a receptor , has 10 times greater skin penetration than the water used in general moisturizers , so once you apply it to your face , it gets absorbed in pretty quickly . There is also a really nice scent that comes with the moisturizer which I am in love with as it isn’t heavy or overbearing .

Verdict : I do love both these products as I can see that the clay mask is really packing some good ingredients in it , and I am totally in love with the scents in both of them . Just after two uses of the Mont-Blanc Glacial Water Drop and one use of Glacial Clay Facial Mask , my face is feeling so soft and clean , the pores and blackheads look a little less obvious . My skin tone seem to have improved also . I will continue using these products and may just buy them again once I am done . I would recommend the Glacial Clay Facial Mask to anyone who have saggy/open pores or would like to tighten their skin in general , without losing moisture . The Mont-Blanc Glacial Water Drop is one of three in the series of Dr. Water Supply series and should take a look at the other two as they suit different skin types .

Dr. Water Supply

Mont-Blanc Glacial Water Water Drop – All skin types (normal*dry) .

Hawaiian Deep-Sea Deep Moisturize – Dry and Sensitive skin type .

New Zealand Bedrock Water Clearing Moisture – Dehydrated , Oily and Inflammatory skin type .

Miscellaneous Vitamin Information :

Vitamin A cream – Soothes the skin to prevent wrinkles and aging . Restores rough skin damage by UV light . The main ingredients are Vitamin A , Copper , Sweet Almond .

Vitamin B cream – Repressing proliferation of bacteria and increasing resistance from harmful stimulus . It helps in treatment of acne and is safe for moisturizing troubled skin . Main ingredients are Vitamin B , Zinc , Tea Tree Oil and Agrimonia Eupatoria Extract.

Vitamin C cream – Helps to brighten the skin tone by inhibiting melanin product . It brightens dark skins from continuous exposing to sunlight and also free your skins from radical attacks . Main ingredients are Vitamin C, Manganese , Acerola Extraction , and Alpha-Bisabolol

Vitamin E cream – Prevents skin damages and makes skin shine and smooth by moisturising the cell membrane . It helps to maintain healthy texture via strong antioxidant . Main ingredients are Vitamin E , Selenium and Inca Omege Oil .

Vitamin K cream – Removes redness by binding the capillaries and veins in skin tissues . It provides nutrients under the eyes to make them bright and alleviating dark eye bags due to tiredness . Main ingredients are Vitamin K , Broccoli Extraction and magnesium.

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the products and my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


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