[Other] I Love My Girls !

This won’t be a review , but I really like to get it out there .


I love my girls , all of them . Especially those that stick around for me when I’m down and need a shoulder . I love them to bits . I’ve had girls with me since so young , and they’ve always been my closest friend . My bffs , my loves , my life . I wouldn’t trade them away for the world . For all of you who have stick by me for years , who have listened to my rants and bitching , who have offered a hug or company when you see me fall apart , who have offered to slap the person who made me feel like shit , I thank you . I thank you from the bottom of my heart , and I love you so , so very much .

Also two special mentions to these girls for being with me on this one day where I thought I would have seriously broke down and cried if I didn’t have anyone with me . They made me smile and cheered me up . My gorgeous girls . One of them even cheered me up when it was her birthday , you made me oh so guilty !


Joanne . The girl who spent the afternoon with me .


Nurul . The birthday girl who cheered me up , and spent the evening with me .

Also to the many other girls , of you’ve ever made me smile , or hugged me , or used me as a shoulder to cry on . If we hadn’t yet met because we live in different countries but we’ve talked and made each other laugh , or consulted each other for advice , or just made a fool out of our selves .

You know who you are . You’re loved so , so very much !

I really want to write every name down but the list is long and I might miss out a name or two so I would leave it be !



Leave your thoughts !

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