[Review] Buffet Town (Raffles City)


I was craving salmon sashimi and looked at so many buffet reviews , and finally just settled for Buffet Town since I’ve been here before . Went with a friend for the weekday lunch buffet , so finally , here’s my Buffet Town review !

Buffet Town is the largest (to me anyway) international buffet restaurant in Singapore . It is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre , #B1-44E . Buffet Town offers a wide range of over 300 types of food items from 29 categories , including a salad bar , fresh seafood , teppanyaki , local Singapore delights , Thai cuisine and many more ! Buffet town has a 450 seating capacity and also offers a playground for families with kids . Be noted that Buffet Town is not Halal certified as they serve pork and alcohol .

Below I will put up pictures consisting of what I ate as well as the surroundings , with texts of thoughts of what I had and saw all over the restaurant . The information might be rather messy because I took notes on my iPad as I was eating and did not snap photos of every meal / buffet item available . However I will try my best to categorize the different kinds of food to the best of my abilities . These are only what I manage to take note of when I was there , so I know for a fact there are tons of other dishes I didn’t manage to try or catch note of .

Right at the entrance of the restaurant lies the wonderful variety of fresh seafood available . On the left , we have Crayfish , different kinds of Mussels , Clams , Scallops and Prawns . On the right , we have a Sashimi counter ; where Sashimi is sliced and served upon request from the chefs . There were also a variety of choices of sushi and Japanese Appetizers .


Crayfish on a bed of ice .


‘Live’ Prawns .


Edamame .


Sashimi (Salmon , Octopus , Tuna) .


Mussels , Scallops , Sashimi (Salmon , Tuna) .

First round of food , I went for the Sashimi and Seafood !

The scallops were tiny and quite tasteless , however the mussels were fresh ! Both the salmon and tuna sashimi were fresh and cut thickly ; the salmon was tender and the tuna was tough . The crayfish were meaty and was a little juicy . The prawns were fresh , juicy and large although the dirt wasn’t removed beforehand .


Salad Bar . On the sides were tons of different condiments including 4 kinds of Olive Oil , 3 kinds of Vinegar , 4-5 kinds of dressings and Nuts , Raisins , Parmesan Cheese and Croutons . There is also a mixing bowl to the right .


Top-Bottom : Chicken Wings , Fries , Ebi Tempura , Steam Tofu with Crabmeat , Fried Kway Teow , Beef Satay , Char Siew Chicken , Braised Beef , Grilled Banana .

Oh yes . I said Grilled Bananas .


I wasn’t kidding !

On the Tempura selection were Ebi (Prawn) , Mixed Vegetable and Sweet Potato . On the Grilled section , there were local delights like Satay (Pork and Beef) with Onion , Cucumber , Rice and Satay Sauce , Grilled Chicken Wings and Shishamo , as well as Grilled Bananas which is uncommon . On the Teppanyaki station , one may place an order with the chefs on various kinds of meat and vegetables like Bean Sprouts to be prepared on the spot for you . Other cooked local delights include Char Kway Teow , Fried Rice , Steamed Tofu with Crabmeat , Mushrooms and Broccoli , Braised Beef , Lamb Stew and Char Siew Chicken . Other local delight station include Chicken Rice and Rojak .

The ebi tempura had lots of batter although they were sweet , crunchy and juicy . The basket was refilled every so often so the tempura were really warm . The sauce to go with the tempura was tasty too . One bad point was that the prawn in the tempura was rather ‘thin’ . But I would definitely go more rounds on this . One could taste the sweet potato tempura although it wasn’t really that sweet . The steam tofu was light and soft . The braised beef was really tough and my fork wouldn’t go through . The broccoli and mushrooms were cooked just right . The char siew chicken was sweet and juicy , although needed more flavour . The char kway teow was lightly salted and semi sweet . The grilled bananas were soft and actually quite sweet which I liked a lot .

When I visited the grilled stations , the only satay available was the beef ones so I took three . The meat was tough although it tasted nice . The satay peanut sauce was chunky , sweet and salty . However it was too spicy for my liking . The teppanyaki station had a queue so I skipped it totally , though I do remember the previous time I visited Buffet Town , I did quite enjoy the teppanyaki .


Pasta Station ( can be prepared in different ways like Marinara , Carbonara , Aglio Olio and Vegetarian upon request of chef ) . *Marinara only available for dinners .


Top-Bottom : Cream of Mushroom Soup , Carbonara Spaghetti with Buttered Corn and Parmesan Cheese , Tom Yum Chicken , Pineapple Rice , Buttered Corn , Live Prawns .

Walking around the restaurant I also manage to pick up on the different food available for selection . On the Thai section were Tom Yum Soup , Tom Yum Chicken and Pineapple Rice . At the Nonya section was Chap Chye and Curry Chicken with Bread . On the western section were Cajun Chicken , various kinds of Pizza , Baked Rice , Buttered Corn and Spaghetti . The soup section had Cream of Mushroom and Clear Chinese Chicken Soup . At the carving station , Carve of the Day was Ham .

The tom yum chicken wasn’t spicy though it was sour , one could taste the spices and it was quite tasty actually . The pineapple rice was really nice , prepared with pineapple , raisins and eggs , a touch of sweet and salty , it was totally to my liking . I am never a fan of buffet pizzas as they’re usually either bland or too tough to bite . I was in love with the buttered corn , something simple but it was sweet yet not over the top and very juicy . I opted for the Carbonara spaghetti which was creamy and thick , served with bacon and onion . Cream of mushroom soup was very watery instead of creamy , although it tasted good and had mini bits of mushroom in it .

There is always space for desserts !


Variety of mini tarts and cakes .


Strawberry Sauce drizzled on Strawberry Cream over Chocolate Cake .


Puddings and Jellies .


Chocolate Fondue station .


Ice Kachang station .


Top-Bottom : Crayfish , Salmon Sashimi (yes I needed another plate of serving !) , Coconut Panna Cotta , Mini Tart , Sweet Potato Tempura , Fried Banana Fritters , Warm Cheng Tng .


Grilled Bananas (yes more of this too !) , Crepe with Chocolate Sauce , Slice of Strawberry Cream Chocolate Cake , Watermelon Cubes .

Going around the restaurant to look at the desserts available , there is actually quite a wide selection . There were Fried Banana Fritters , Crepes and Waffles , next to a number of flavours of Ice Cream , coupled with various sauces (Chocolate , Strawberry , Caramel ) , Nuts and Raisins . Mini cuts of Cake and Assorted Mini Tarts . Jellies and Pudding . Chocolate Fondue with Marshmallow , Ice Kachang and an assortment of fruits like Watermelon , Orange , Honeydew and Pineapple . There were also hot desserts like Cheng Tng and Green Bean Soup .

I was thoroughly disappointed with the Fried Banana Fritters because I was really looking forward to it . They were drenched in oil and really soggy . The banana inside was mushy , not sweet but actually sour . The batter was also thick and tasteless . There was also very little banana ratio compared to batter . On a better note , I have always loved the Crepe ! It is crispy and has a light buttery taste . It can be eaten on it’s own but I prefer mine with chocolate sauce (Hershey’s) . It was a tad hard probably from leaving it out . I skipped the ice cream because the crowd was just too big . I took a slice of cake , which was kinda ‘meh’ . The strawberry cream was light , tasted really fake and was really sweet , and the cake itself was dry . The tart was a delight . I initially thought it might be cheese but after biting into it , I still couldn’t tell what it was , however I did really like it . It was soft and sweet and crumbled in my mouth . The coconut panna cotta was light and fluffy , felt like a pudding and was sweet . Drizzled on were gula melaka syrup and coconut bits . The taste of coconut was strong and I enjoyed it . I only took the watermelon , which was quite bland and pale in comparison to other places . They also did not top up the empty bowl of pineapple . The cheng tng was semi sweet and I enjoyed it quite a lot . It contained white fungus and longan .


Soya Bean station . Together with the Hot Beverages (drinks like Teh , Teh-O etc. can be requested) .

The drink counter is pretty huge with about over 10 soft drink choices , both fizzy and non-fizzy , and a hot beverage counter (served upon ordering) . Beer and Wine can be purchased at a separate cost .


Top-Bottom : Soya Bean Milk , Soya Bean Curd .

This is something I HAVE to talk about . Both these soya bean products are unsweetened , and therefore one can add the gula melaka syrup provided to their liking . They were smooth and fresh and it is usually the only drink I go for when I’m here in Buffet Town . The soya bean curd was just mmhmm ! This curd is so soft , it glides in your mouth the moment it drops off your spoon . It isn’t firm like when you buy it elsewhere . It is also served warm , upon request from the chef behind the counter . I recommend the soya bean curd to anyone who visits this restaurant !

*Note that not all buffet items are available at all times . Lunch is definitely cheaper than dinner prices , as well as weekdays compares to weekends . For the fresh selection , Amaebi , Oysters and Lobsters and for the cooked selection , Chili Crab with Mantao and Roasted Beef are only available for dinners  , whereas Wagyu Beef only available for weekend dinners .

Location :

Raffles City , #B1-44E
252 North Bridge Road ,
Tel : (+65) 6837 3793

Timing & Prices :

Lunch : 11.30 AM – 3.00 PM

Monday – Friday

  • Adult : $25.80++
  • Child : $18.80++

Saturday , Sunday , Eve of PH & PH

  • Adult : $30.80++
  • Child : $18.80++


Dinner : 6.00 PM – 10.00 PM

Monday – Thursday

  • Adult : $35.80++
  • Child : $21.80++

Friday , Saturday , Sunday , Eve of PH & PH

  • Adult : $40.80++
  • Child : $21.80++

*Child age 6-12 years old .

Prices are subjected to Service Charge and other taxes .

Mode of Payment : Cash / NETS / Visa / MasterCard

Note that payment is paid upfront upon entering Buffet Town .

Verdict : A family restaurant with a wide range of food . Something you can consider if you’re looking for an international buffet . Sushi , sashimi , fresh seafood , grilled , teppanyaki , local delights and much more at an affordable price . I went with a friend for the weekday lunch , after GST and taxes , our bill ended with $60.70 . This to me was very worth my money , with the amount of choices I had and how fresh they were . There were food I didn’t enjoy , but definitely more that I did . I didn’t mind not having oysters since I don’t fancy them , so going for the lunch was the right choice . I also love that this is the first buffet restaurant I’ve visited that served Amaebi even though it was only for dinners . A tip for if you love sashimi , there may not be a queue when the restaurant just opens or when it is about to close , because in between there will be a very , very long queue , so remember to get it fast . I also don’t think there’s a limit to how much you can get since it’s a buffet . I’m already thinking of when I want to visit again the next time !

I was unable to snap as many pictures as I wanted because there was the lunch crowd and it would’ve looked weird going around snapping pictures of the restaurant alone anyway .

There is a promotion going on 1 October 2013 – 21 November 2013 called Wholly Crab if anyone is interested !

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


2 thoughts on “[Review] Buffet Town (Raffles City)

  1. So tempted to try this place out now *u*

    But i was pretty upset when you mentioned about how the Ebi Tempura was ‘thin’ 😦
    I like my Ebi ‘BIG AND FAT’ xD

    Anyway,another awesome review!!!

    • Thanks thanks ! I did love the Ebi Tempura though . It’s thin but it’s not like “ALL I CAN TASTE IS BATTER” . Remember if you want to go , call me along , I really do love the lunch buffet price ! :(:

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