[Review] Eatzi Gourmet Restaurant (Bedok Point)

eatzi_gourmentEatzi Gourmet comprises of Bakery , Catering and Restaurant , with all divisions certified Halal . Eatzi Gourmet is a wholly owned subsidiary of JP Pepperdine Group Pte. Ltd.

JP Pepperdine started out in 1966 with Jack’s Place Steakhouse , soon evolving to Seafood Harvest , Eatzi Gourmet , Brewbaker’s , Restaurant Hoshigaoka , Kkongdon Barbeque and Jack’s Place .

My family and I went for lunch on Sunday 29 October 2013 , which was also the closing of the Bedok Point outlet , which I am pretty sad about . I’ve visited this outlet quite a number of times , and have grown to love the food served there !

We decided to place our orders with Sunday’s daily set menu . It was in our birthday month so there was a discount on the total receipt . Each set on the daily menu comes with a soup of the day , dessert of the day and either a tea or coffee . One can upgrade the soup to Lobster Bisque for a set price .

DSC_0003Soup of the day was Cream of Green Pea .

Something I’ve never had before and it wasn’t a disappointment . This was creamy and lightly salted . It was smooth although I did manage to taste the green peas so it wasn’t diluted at all . Served with the soup were strips of ham . The soup also came with a slice of garlic bread which was tasty and crunchy .


We ordered one set of Grilled Boneless Chicken with Ginger Sauce .

The chicken was soft and tender , cooked perfectly with the insides juicy . There was no hint of pink in the middle of the meat . There wasn’t a strong bearing of ginger taste in the sauce though . Served together were fries , broccoli and carrots . Fries were not drenched in oil or soggy , and actually tasted alright . Broccoli was cooked just right , though carrots were tough .


Next we had two sets of Sirloin Steak topped with Asparagus .

The sirloin steak was asked to be prepared as medium rare and the result was good . It was springy and juicy although the tendons were a little tough to bite through . I wasn’t too sure what the sauce was . Served together were fries , broccoli , carrots and asparagus . My mum actually didn’t know what the two fried sticks were until I remembered what we were ordering . The fried asparagus wasn’t overly oily but felt a little cold , like it was left out to wait for the rest of the dish to complete . The batter was thick and the asparagus was rather thin and small .


Here’s a picture guide on Steak Doneness provided in the menu .


Lastly , the dessert of the day was a scoop of Chocolate Icecream with Chocolate Sauce .

Nothing special , but it tasted decent . A nice , cold dish to complete lunch !

Eatzi Gourmet Restaurant closely resembles the food served at Jack’s Place , though maybe with more local dishes available in the menu . It is an affordable restaurant to visit and the quality of food is up to par . I personally LOVE the staff at this outlet because they’re always friendly and helpful , and would sometimes stay to chat with us .

Verdict : I am really sad to see this outlet close down because it’s one restaurant close to where I live that serve good food at affordable prices and where I get to see lovely staff members . The daily set menus are worth the buck if you’re looking for a good meal . Everyday has two different choices of main course ; soup of the day and dessert of the day differs by day too . There wouldn’t be a next time to visit this outlet , so maybe it’ll be Jack’s Place .

There is currently one other outlet located at SAFRA Yishun Country Club and you may contact them at +65 6852 8270 .

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Love , Gee .

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