[Review] TOSOWOONG MAKEON Eyeliner & Makeup Remover Stick


TOSOWOONG | Beauty Innovation originates from Korea and first appeared in the market in 2004 with Osory oil for the first time in the world . It has then furthered it’s products into the cosmetics category and have since over a million customers and does exports worldwide . TOSOWOONG has gained much recognition over the years with the number of awards and achievements it has gotten , including Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) , Completion of Skin Irritation Test , Korea Food & Dug Administration (KFDA) and Korea Testing and Research for Chemical Industry .

I was browsing online and noticed that TOSOWOONG had a sale going on and decided to check the products out . The eyeliners had really good reviews , as well as pictures that showed how long-lasting they were and decided to get a few colours to try them out . I had also purchased the makeup remover stick since I didn’t have one .


In the box came the eyeliners packaged in individual boxes with some samples .


Prints on boxes .


These were the colours I had gotten .

Left-Right : Wild Real Khaki , Aqua Deep Blue , Sexy Vampire Burgundy ,  Cat’s Eye Wild Black , My First Time Purple .



Without covers on .

Top-Bottom : Wild Real Khaki , Aqua Deep Blue , Sexy Vampire Burgundy ,  Cat’s Eye Wild Black , My First Time Purple .

The MAKEON series consist of long lasting waterproof gel pencil liners that come in 11 shades in total . They come in a plastic casing but are not retractable . However , they can still be sharpened with an eyeliner sharpener , similar to that of Holika Holika‘s .


Swatch Without Flash , Top-Bottom : Wild Real Khaki , Aqua Deep Blue , Sexy Vampire Burgundy ,  Cat’s Eye Wild Black , My First Time Purple .


Swatch With Flash , Top-Bottom : Wild Real Khaki , Aqua Deep Blue , Sexy Vampire Burgundy ,  Cat’s Eye Wild Black , My First Time Purple .

I personally think that with flash , the colours do more closely resemble to that I see on my hand . It has some glitter in the formula and are shiny , except the Sexy Vampire Burgundy and Cat’s Eye Wild Black which are matte tones . The eyeliners are long lasting and dries rather fast . They are smudge-proof (I tried rubbing them) , water-resistant and oil-resistant . They can still be removed by using a makeup remover . They are also suitable for sensitive skin .

The Wild Real Khaki , Sexy Vampire Burgundy and My First Time Purple glided on my hand rather easily , smooth and pretty even . The Aqua Deep Blue and Cat’s Eye Wild Black

I am personally in love with the Sexy Vampire Burgundy colour being so gorgeous ! I was also looking for a waterproof black liner and this might just be it ! The Aqua Deep Blue and My First Time Purple looked better in the pictures on the website however they do not disappoint .

Here I have the MAKEON Nothing Is Impossible Remover Stick .

This lip and eye makeup remover stick has two ends , a remover balm and a sponge tip . The balm is hard and can be drawn on your skin like a pencil , and the sponge is soft and bendable . The remover balm is also retractable .

MAKEON Nothing Is Impossible Remover Stick is :

  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Moisturizing for Sensitive Skin (Contains Rose Hip Seed , Coconut Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil )
  • Sponge to replace the use of a cotton swab
  • Can be used on eye rims and around mouth .


I used the MAKEON Nothing Is Impossible Remover Stick over the MAKEON Eyeliners for a swatch test .

When you apply the remover balm to your skin , you might not see any makeup being removed . Follow up with the sponge to clean off the area where you have applied the balm , which will easily clean off the makeup . The sponge is rather soft (maybe too bendy for me) and therefore one may not need to use much strength to rub . The skin may appear a little darkened if little balm is used , and that may just be a residual ‘pushing’ of the makeup , so if that does happen as shown in the picture , you may wish to go over with the balm again to fully wipe the makeup off . Remember that this is a makeup remover pencil and should really only be used for minor makeup flaws rather than cleaning up large areas .

Verdict : I would gladly buy the eyeliners again , especially the Sexy Vampire Burgundy shade . They are long lasting , pigmented and are smudge-proof , water and oil resistant and are suitable for sensitive skin . I bought them online on a sale , with the MAKEON Eyeliners costing $4.90 per stick and the MAKEON Nothing Is Impossible Remover Stick going at $13.80 . exclude the shipping

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Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .



8 thoughts on “[Review] TOSOWOONG MAKEON Eyeliner & Makeup Remover Stick

  1. hiii!!! i was researching on tosowoong’s eyeliner and came across your review. could i check with you which website did you get them from?

  2. Hi, I am look for reviews on both makeon and holika holika eyeliners and noticed u have done reviews on both. Just windering which would u think is a better eyeliner?

    • If you are asking about eyeliners that I own from both brands , in comparison , MAKEON is more pigmented and are waterproof (I’ve worn it on my waterline and it can last for a few hours) , and the Holika Holika ones come in bright shades with glitter in them , so it depends on what type of eyeliner you are looking for (:

      • I’m looking for something for my waterline as well as eyeshadow. I had the blue one but it didn’t glide on as easy as most reviews would claim. Not sure if I have received a defected item. Which would you recommend? Thanks 🙂

      • I think I mentioned it in my review as well that the blue and purple ones didn’t glide as smooth . I am still in love with the burgundy one . If you want to use for the waterline then I would say TOSOWOONG MAKEON is pretty good .
        Eyeliner on waterline sure will come off regardless of any brand even if it says waterproof , but so far of all those I’ve tried , MAKEON seems to stay on the longest .
        For eyeshadow wise , it depends on if you’re for pressed powder eyeshadow or the stick kinds (Holika Holika) . I bought mine from the Jewel-Light series so the colours are more shimmery/glittery and quite light (depending on your skin tone) . However I know the darker tones like green , browns , blue etc. have quite good pigmentation . I’ve tried wearing one of the eyeliners for a day and at the end of the day , probably what’s left were just some glitters .
        It’s up to personal preference really since not all eyeliners work for everyone . But do stick around , I just bought some new eyeliners and should be doing another review soon !

    • Certainly , it does feel like plastic , but I can safely tell you it works like a pencil liner and can be sharpened . I’ve actually already sharpened some of mine .

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