[Review] Sushi Tei (Ngee Ann City)


Sushi Tei is an International Japanese Sushi Restaurant Chain that originated from Singapore . It debuted in 1994 and have since clocked up many outlets all over Asia . Each outlet has their own theme and concept unique to each  locale . They also conform to the open-kitchen concept which allows the chefs to showcase their skills in preparing the Japanese cuisine up front .

I visited the Ngee Ann City outlet with a friend for lunch on a weekday and there was barely any crowd . We ordered two appetizers , two main courses and two drinks . Here are the following :


The first dish , a sashimi appetizer Asama (3 kinds) of 5 pcs of bluefin tuna , yellow tail and salmon slices which cost $30 .


The sashimi came on a bed of ice on the bottom to maintain the freshness of the dish , with five slices of each fish and a bob of daikon on the side . I was a fan of this appetizer very much as they felt fresh without the fishiness . The salmon was cut thick and was firm to the touch and not mushy . They were of a bright tone and just melted in my mouth . I rarely ate tuna and yellow tail sashimi but I could tell they were fresh as well as they did not leave a fishy taste and were firm yet soft enough .


The Chawanmushi that costs $4.20 .

The egg was soft and wasn’t runny or watery . It was salty and flavourful enough . Served a tiny slice of mushroom , a slice of naruto , a bite-size chicken piece and a ginkgo nut all at the bottom of the cup . Although it felt like a standard cup of Chawanmushi , I may not wish to pay that much for this quality .


The Spicy Miso Ramen my friend ordered that cost $8.50 per bowl . She had two of bowls .


And so you get to see her face here ! (:

I am not a fan of spicy food therefore I would not order it for myself , however I did take a spoonful of soup to try it out . It was quite spicy , and the aftertaste really burns your throat . I would not recommend it if you’re not good with spice , however if you are , go for it ! The broth was spicy with a touch of sweet that really went well with the ramen . Served with a sprinkle of seaweed and supposedly two slices of naruto that they forgot to add in the first bowl (it was present in the second bowl ) . I also tried asking if there was a non-spicy Miso Ramen , to which the server said that the broth is pre-prepared and the spice level cannot be tweaked or removed .


This was the dish I ordered , Curry Udon at $12.50 .

I have always been a fan of Japanese curry and curry udon for that matter since it isn’t spicy whatsoever , but I was thoroughly disappointed with the standard here . Served with undercooked hard carrots , two tiny pieces of potato , onions and chicken bites . The real downer here is that the curry , which you can see in the picture , was close to non-existent . It felt like curry-coated udon and there was barely any curry sauce even at the bottom of the bowl . The udon was served slightly warm , and although everything else was lacking , the taste was decent .


Passion Fruit Mango Juice that cost $3.80 .

This was probably the worst choice I made that day . This glass of juice tasted like syrupy mango juice with no passion fruit taste at all . And to no surprise , when we asked the server about it , she told us that this was a pre-made syrup juice sent straight from the factory so they couldn’t fix the taste . Never get this , ever .

Verdict : This Japanese restaurant has been around for a long time in Singapore , and I would say almost , if not all Singaporeans would know of them . I was wholly disappointed with the service and quality of food presented to us . There were some good dishes but the bad ones just cancelled them out . I would recommend the Asama sashimi platter however the price is a little high , the Chawanmushi was also quite tasty and the Spicy Miso Ramen is tasty and although a tad too spicy for me , I wouldn’t mind giving it a go if I had cold water with me . I would probably not order the Curry Udon again and definitely not the Passion Fruit Mango Juice . Service was average ; some servers were not attentive or did not respond when we waved for them , while others did not speak English so it was tough asking them about the food . I am unsure if this was just specifically with that outlet or if the overall quality of Sushi Tei but I would think twice about returning .

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Love , Gee .

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