[Review] Restaurant Hoshigaoka (Isetan Scotts)


From Japan , Restaurant Hoshigaoka first opened in Singapore in 1972 at the Apollo Hotel . Bringing tradition Japanese cuisine , value and sentiments of the founder even after being re-branded by JP Pepperdine . Restaurant Hoshigaoka has currently two outlets in Singapore , including Isetan Scotts and newly opened Woodlands Civic Centre .

I visited Restaurant Hoshigaoka‘s Isetan Scotts outlet with my mum and aunt for lunch just yesterday . We dropped by when they had just finished prepping for lunch so there was no crowd . The service staff were attentive and helpful , and informative about promotions and food when we inquired . Before we ordered , the manager told us about the promotion* that was going on which made our lunch much more fruitful .


For the 1-for-1 Promotion , we ordered Set C and D .


Set C (Tempura Moriawase , Sashimi , Salad , Rice , Miso Soup , Chawanmushi & Fruits ) .

The tempura was crispy and well-seasoned . It was soft and cooked to perfection without being too soggy or have too much batter on them . The prawn and pumpkin were juicy and sweet , whereas the carrot was a little tough . The salad comprised of shredded cabbage and onion dressing topped with cucumber slices . There were one slice of sashimi for each type of fish , thinly sliced and just melts in my mouth . The chawanmushi was tasty , I only wished I had more of it ! It comprised of the usual steam egg , a slice of naruto , a slice of mushroom and instead of chicken , this had prawn . The miso soup was salty – in the good sense , I like my miso soup salty ! The steam rice had tasty sprinkles (which I couldn’t figure out what it was) and wasn’t too sticky or mushy . Fruits accompanied the set were two slices of melon .


Set D (Scallop Nabe , Tempura , Rice , Chawanmushi & Fruits ) .


Scallop Nabe (after removing the shells) .

The Scallop Nabe came in a pot over a fire . It was steaming with goodness the moment it came out . The nabe consisted of three scallops , three squares of tofu , one shitake mushroom ,  enoki mushroom , cabbage , spring onions and carrots to flavour the soup with was lightly salted . The scallops were fresh , although on the small side . The other set components were similar to that of Set C .


Salmon Sashimi (Salmon 7pcs) for $10.40 .

I was craving salmon so I just HAD to order some salmon sashimi . The salmon sashimi were sliced thinly and were quite soft to the touch . They had a bright tone and did not have a fishy smell . They just melted the moment I placed them in my mouth . This was paired with shredded daikon and wasabi on the side .

I apologize for the shadows of my hands .

Verdict : I would definitely visit the outlet , and in general , Restaurant Hoshigaoka again . They served us quality food and had great service . With the meal , we too ordered one hot and one cold green tea , which was rather strong (the way I enjoyed it) . The server did mix up a little when he topped up my tea with water but did immediately apologize when we brought it up . Food arrived warm and tasteful , and rather prompt I must add . The sashimi wasn’t a let down , and the food was generally to my taste . Not forgetting the green tea which made everything perfect . It was also my first time visiting this restaurant and so they’ve gotten a good impression from me . I would definitely recommend to bring your family and friends for a meal , and if you enjoy quality Japanese meals at affordable prices .

* There is currently a 1-for-1 promotion for the set lunch until the end of October 2013 for Citibank card members . This is only applicable for weekdays lunch .

For more information , one can visit the website at Restaurant Hoshigaoka .

The outlet I visited :

Shaw House Branch (Isetan Scotts)

350 Orchard Road
#04-00 , Isetan Scotts

Tel : (65) 6734 9725

Operating hours : Daily 11am – 10pm

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