[Review] THE FACESHOP Face It Coloured Paper Nails


THE FACE SHOP originates from Korea that retails products ranging from skin & hair care to cosmetics to accessories . The brand focuses on making their products with natural ingredients like rice , plants , fruits and other various herbs . THE FACE SHOP has won multiple awards in and out of Korea ; along with 838 outlets in Korea and 319 in 19 other countries . They are also against animal testing and the product containers are recyclable .

I was attracted to this product as they looked really interesting and stood out from the usual nail polish . I love how the colours just popped , and they felt totally different than what I’ve seen from other brands . Out of the five colours , I purchased two just to try them out .

The Face It Coloured Paper Nails series currently has five colours , including a new polish called Wonder Land which I have with me . I will be reviewing two polishes today .

faceshop nail 3

Without Flash .

faceshop nail 1

With Flash .


faceshop nail swatch 1


  • black , white , pink , red .
  • hexagons , hearts , thin strips , squares , diamonds .
  • has violet and turquoise glitter in the solution (but doesn’t show up as obvious on nails) .

faceshop nail swatch 4


  • white , red, blue , yellow .
  • hexagons , hearts , thin strips , squares , stars .

This nail polish dries quite fast . The shapes are a little reflective which adds a little depth to the look . Like other similar coloured paper polishes , the brush may sometimes not pick up a lot paper , however most people would not be covering the whole nail so it would not me an issue . If you do however like to apply more coloured paper on your nail , just re-apply a few more layers to achieve the desired look . The brush picks up the coloured paper quite easily and applies it on the nail nicely . I am unsure if it is because it’s a new bottle or otherwise , but the coloured paper don’t all stick to the sides of the bottle . Just remember to close the bottle tight to ensure the liquid does not dry up .

This nail polish is not a top coat . Apply top coat after colour dries completely .

Price in shop is $7.90 . I bought it online during a sale at $3.70 .

Verdict : I would buy it again as I love the colours and the different pieces in the nail polish . The other THE FACESHOP lines of nail polish are also quite pretty and I may get some to try out in the future . Definitely one to look out for !

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Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

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