[Review] Holika Holika Eyeliner & Shadow


Today’s review will feature some products I purchased from Holika Holika , a Korean cosmetics company . This label was introduced to the Singapore market about two years ago . It is quite well-received and has a plethora of products to offer , including not only make up but skin and hair care products , accessories such as bottled scents (like perfumes but lighter) , makeup brushes and double eyelid glue . They also carry products for men . Mystery and magical fantasy as its themes , this label does not fail to amaze it’s users !

Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner comes in 12 different colours . I managed to buy 4 to test them out . It is a long lasting waterproof eyeliner that stays on for a long period of time . This eyeliner has shimmer and glitter to really make your eyes pop . This eyeliner is also smudge and water resistant once the product has ‘dried’ on your skin . I can attest to that as I’ve tried to rub it off without using a makeup remover and true enough , the product doesn’t budge .



Left-Right : Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner (07 One Carat Diamond , 08 Pink Topaz , 09 18K Gold ) .

I got these colours because they’re really light and compliment fair skin . Light tones , but highly pigmented . They are creamy and glides on the skin easily .


Taken without flash .


Taken with flash .

Swatch Left-Right : Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner (07 One Carat Diamond , 08 Pink Topaz , 09 18K Gold ) .

As you can see , the colours are pigmented and gorgeous ! They require little to no effort at all as they glide off your skin that easily . These eyeliners are also suitable for sensitive eyes , which was a point I considered important as my eyes are very sensitive . These eyeliners look exceptionally beautiful when you draw them on your bottom water/lash line as they brighten your eyes up !



 Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner (12 Olive Jade ) .

This is one of the darker shades of this series . A pigmented olive green colour that goes well on darker skin tones .


Taken without flash .


Taken with flash .

Swatch : Holika Holika Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner (12 Olive Jade ) .

Creamy eyeliner that goes amazing on your lids . This could make for a bold cat eye .

Next up is the Jewel Light All Over Pencil . Another long lasting waterproof pencil with multiple uses including eyeliner and shadow , cheeks and lips . These pencils comes in 5 shades – 2 matte and 3 shimmer . The matte shades works better for eyeliner , eyeshadow and eyebrow , whereas the shimmer shades on lips and as a blusher .



Jewel Light All Over Shadow (03 Pearly Orange) .

A jumbo eyeliner pencil in the shimmer shade . A pigmented glowing orange tone that brightens the skin . Feels really soft when I applied it on my lips . It glides easily on my lids as well .


Taken without flash .


Taken with flash .

Swatch : Jewel Light All Over Shadow (03 Pearly Orange)

Very creamy . The colour appears darker the harder you press onto your skin . As you can see in the pictures above , the two different tones where one side is drawn on a tad bit harder than the other side . The lighter shade is achieved by gently gliding it across my skin .



 Jewel Light All Over Shadow (02 Matte Brown) .

A jumbo eyeliner pencil in the matte shade . Still smooth , but personally I felt that it was a little rougher to glide on as compared to when using the shimmer shade . It doesn’t smudge either .

DSC_0009Taken without flash .


Taken with flash .

Swatch : Jewel Light All Over Shadow (02 Matte Brown) .

Dark brown pencil great as eyeliner and brow .

* These two types of products are encased in a plastic pencil . However , these are not retractable . They are to be treated as normal eyeliner pencils and can be sharpened as the plastic was made that thin .

The only problem I had with these pencils were that because of how creamy it is , the lead is extremely fragile and may break if you use too much force when applying to your face . It shouldn’t be a problem if you handle them with care and not force the pencil hard on your skin .

Verdict : I would definitely buy these pencils again . I bought them on a sale where the eyeliner was S$4.00 and the shadow was S$7.00 . Something so affordable and of this quality . If you are looking for a multi-purpose , long lasting waterproof , smudge and water resistant , pigmented and creamy eyeliner and shadow , these pencils are what you’re looking for !

I hope that this review was of help to you , as it was fun for me to make ! I was so stoked when I finally received them in the mail . I fell in love with the colours and how pigmented they were with the price I paid . Well , that’s all for now , I’ll probably have another review done by the end of the day !

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the products and my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


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