[Review] Essence Cosmetics Haul (Nail Polish)

imagesThis is Part 2 of the Essence review that I’ll be doing . In this post , I will be reviewing some of the nail polish that I got .

You can find Part 1 here .

Essence has a wide range of colours for their nail polish , from sheer nudes to bright neon colours to earthy and neutral tones . There are clear coats , vivid mono-colour , ones with glitter and those with special effects (cracking etc.) . They have some really pretty colours that might not be available with other brands  . I personally like the formula because even with one coat , most of the colours are quite opaque (with pastel or nude shades being the exceptional ones) , they are glossy and have a nice shine . They also dry pretty fast , and once dry , rubbing them off (without nail polish remover) or washing them under the water will not take it off . They can also last for quite a few days . Another honorable mention is that the colour swatches closely match to that of what is shown in the bottle (which is amazing) , because there are other brands of nail polish that do not produce the same colour , either appearing too light or just lacking the punch .

They also carry an array of other nail products such as french manicures (french tips , press-on nails etc.)  , nail art (such as three-dimensional textures like pearls , velvety powder , glitter , flakes and metallic glitter powder etc.) , nail care and repair (buffer and filers , anti-split , base and top coats etc.) and nail whitening (high gloss , nail hardener etc.) . However , most of these products are not yet available in Singapore . What I have come across in Watsons stores are mainly the base and top coats , filers and buffers , nail repair and hardeners .

The nail polish I picked out were colours that attracted me , and some I just felt like trying out .


Left-Right : Colour & Go Nail Polish (129 the boy next door , 137 wanna be yourself , 145 flashy pumpkin , 146 that’s what mint ! , 141 icy princess , 148 prom-berry) , Nude Glam Nail Polish (03 cotton candy) .

The Colour & Go series had tons of colours , ranging from bright bold neon hues to safer , dull tones , to metallic and shimmery finishes . Each colour also came in a few different shades .

The Nude Glam series includes many different nude , neutral and beige tones .

Pastel tones and light shades may appear rather streaky if a thin layer is applied .

Both these series of nail polish comes off easily with a nail polish remover and doesn’t stain the nails at all .

* All swatches have only one coat of nail polish , and do not have a base or top coat with . Pardon my amateur skills in applying the nail polish , I know they don’t look very well done .

blue yellow

Taken with flash .

Swatch Left-Right : Colour & Go Nail Polish (129 the boy next door , 137 wanna be yourself) .

129 the boy next door with one coat is a little translucent but is not very obvious . Apply a second or third coat to intensify the colour . Colour appears lighter with flash on .

137 wanna be yourself with one coat is quite translucent . This is a light colour therefore more coats are required to achieve the right intensity . Colour appears lighter with flash on .

silver orange

Taken without flash .

silver orange 2

Taken with flash .

Swatch Left-Right : Colour & Go Nail Polish (141 icy princess , 145 flashy pumpkin) .

141 icy princess with one coat is fully opaque . It is a beautiful silver colour with a nice shine to it . It appears more reflective with flash on .

145 flashy pumpkin with one coat is opaque as well . It’s a strong blood orange tone . It looks that of a lighter shade with flash on .


Taken without flash .


Taken with flash .

Swatch : Colour & Go Nail Polish (146 that’s what mint !) .

146 that’s what mint ! with one coat is slightly translucent . More coats should be applied to achieve opacity . This is a pretty pastel colour that looks amazing .


Taken without flash .

purps 2

Taken with flash .

Swatch : Colour & Go Nail Polish (148 prom-berry) .

148 prom-berry with one coat is pretty opaque with a light translucence that is not obvious unless you look at it closely . The colour is of a dark purple with a metallic finish . This colour is gorgeous ! The purple resembles closely to the picture without flash . With the flash on , the colour appears too bright and reflective (it has a slight shine but not overpowering) .


Swatch : Nude Glam Nail Polish (03 cotton candy) .

03 cotton candy with one coat is sheer polish . It is a nude beige that looks quite natural . A beautiful colour that adds a thin layer of shine to your nails if you don’t feel like something bold and striking . If you would rather add some colour , applying more coats will give an opaque beige colour that is too very pretty .

I have tried this nail polish on for a little more than a week now , without a base or top coat , some polish have started to peel and some have stayed perfect up til now . I go for more of a natural , semi-sheer look with more focus on the nail being glossy than having an opaque colour so it came off a little streaky but not very noticeable , and so I’m loving it still .

NP Crack

Left-Right : Quick Dry Top Coat , Oz Great & Powerful series Cracking Coat (02 Winds of Change , 05 Delicate but Determined , 01 Master of Illusion , 04 Winged Wonder) .

Top Coats also had many variations , regular top coats , quick dry top coats , or nail hardener top coats . I haven’t managed to try it out yet so I cannot provide a review . Ultimately , it works differently on different people from what I’ve read . I’ve seen someone say it works great on their nails and another saying that bubbles formed on theirs and thus didn’t work for them .

The Oz Great & Powerful series only had these colours available where I shop so I am unsure if they have more tones elsewhere .

I think the cracking nails do their job well , the cracks appear within 30 seconds of applying it to the base colour .

These cracking coats stain the nail a little bit after cleaning off with a nail polish remover , but will come off with a more thorough cleaning .

* Remember that cracking coats do not show their effects on a clean nail (if there isn’t a base colour) .

** Also take note that you should only apply the cracking coat after the base coat has completely dried . If you apply it while the polish is still wet , the results will be similar to when you apply multiple coats of nail polish before it dries , the cracking effect will be diminished and you will ruin the base coat (and have to start all over) .

Next I will be swatching the cracking coats . I did two different base colours to show the ‘real’ colour of the cracking coat . For the first base coat I used black ; I do own a black coloured Essence nail polish so I am using a substitute brand called Rainbow (Colour 46) . The next base coat I wanted to use was a white but I do not own one , so instead I went with Nude Glam Nail Polish (03 cotton candy) as the base .

crack red b 2

Taken with black base coat .

crack red nude

Taken with nude base coat .

Swatch : Oz Great & Powerful series Cracking Coat (02 Winds of Change) .

02 Winds of Change is a bright red colour that resembles closely when you apply it on a light base coating . It appears orange-copper on the black coating though .

crack teal pink blue b

Taken with black base coat .

crack teal pink blue nude 2

Taken with nude base coat .

Swatch Left-Right : Oz Great & Powerful series Cracking Coat (05 Delicate but Determined , 01 Master of Illusion , 04 Winged Wonder) .

05 Delicate but Determined is a metallic blue cracking coat .

01 Master of Illusion is a pink/salmon tone cracking coat that looks brighter when on a dark base colour .

04 Winged Wonder is a teal cracking coat that looks best over a dark base colour .

Verdict : I would definitely buy more nail polish from Essence ! So far I am quite pleased with my Essence nail polish collection . If I remember correctly , each nail polish costs S$2.90 at Watsons , so for this price and quality , it is definitely worth investing in and experimenting with . Vivid , bold opaque colours and beautiful , smooth glossy finishes , what’s not to love !

So this would be the end of the Essence Cosmetics Haul & Review for now . I will review more on Essence when I do manage to get some new items . I will be reviewing other brands of products after this and I hope that you guys will still stick around ! This review took about 4 hours to complete , I really didn’t expect writing reviews to take so much of my time !

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the products and my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


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