[Review] Essence Cosmetics Haul (Face)


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So to start off the review , here’s a little background info about essence . This is a German cosmetics label that has been around in Europe and US for a number of years now . It has only recently stepped into Southeast Asia and finally to Singapore . Essence Cosmetics is also against animal testing .

Essence retails exclusively at Watsons stores (although not all outlets carry them) .

These are the outlets I got my items from include :

  • Bedok Central
  • Bugis Junction
  • Takashimaya

Essence cosmetics was the first label I checked out because of their affordable prices . All the products range between 2-10 dollars . They have decent packaging and there are testers available for most , if not all the products on the shelves . Different outlets carry different products so explore Singapore if you’re looking for different items . If you are just starting out , this is a good brand to invest in because there are just so many choices and you would probably not break your budget .

In this post , I will reviewing various items including face powders , eye shadows , eye pencils , lip colours and other misc. items .

back 1

back 2

back 3

As you can see , the products are manufactured in various countries including Poland , France and China .  There are also short descriptions , ingredients and manufactured dates stated on the back of the product .

powder 5

powder 3

The products come in clear plastic casings which are sturdy , easy to open , light and compact . The amount of product for the price is quite worth the buy .

Left-Right ; Top-Bottom : Mattifying Compact Powder (04 Perfect Beige) , Mosaic Compact Powder (01 Sunkissed Beauty) , Sun Club [blondes.lighter skin] Shimmer Bronzing Powder (10 Sunkissed) , Silky Touch Blush (40 Natural Beauty) .

powder swatch 2

Taken without flash .

powder swatch 1

Taken with flash .

Swatch Left-Right : Mattifying Compact Powder (04 Perfect Beige) , Mosaic Compact Powder (01 Sunkissed Beauty) , Sun Club [blondes.lighter skin] Shimmer Bronzing Powder (10 Sunkissed) , Silky Touch Blush (40 Natural Beauty) .

The Mattifying Compact Powder comes in a few shades for different skin tones . It has a rather light coverage unless you choose to build on it multiple times . I have hit pan on this compact powder and I have to say it’s alright for it’s price but there are better ones in the market . The powder falls apart easily , giving a lot of fallout and thus being very messy and a waste of powder .

The Mosaic Compact Powder is a palette that contains four shades that , when swirled/blended together , gives a more natural finishing look . It also has a light coverage unless it is build on .

The [Sun Club] Shimmer Bronzing Powder comes in two shades ; blondes : light skin and brunettes : dark skin . I have the one for light skin and it is very light . I swatched it multiple times on the back of my hand but the colour does not seem to build up at all .

The Silky Touch Blush has a nice , light reddish tone . It is a very natural blush colour and does get darker the more you build upon .

shadow 5

shadow 4

Left-Right ; Top-Bottom : Quattro Eyeshadow (01 xoxo) , Sun Club glamour to go eyeshadow (01 south beach) , Eyeshadow (60 Kermit Says Hello) , Eyeshadow (55 Shrimp Me Up) .

The colours in the palettes look bright and pigmented and are pleasing to the eyes .


Swatch Left-Right : Quattro Eyeshadow (01 xoxo) [white , silver , purple , black] (these are not actual names of the colours , i made it up as i see them) , Eyeshadow (60 Kermit Says Hello) , Eyeshadow (55 Shrimp Me Up) .

The Quattro Eyeshadow palette has a slight shimmer in them and are suitable for an evening look . The white and purple are less pigmented , whereas the silver and black are more pigmented . It also feels like the silver has more shimmer , and the black has almost none .

The Eyeshadow (60 Kermit Says Hello) is a pretty shimmery lime green colour that is rather pigmented . However it looks a little yellowish-green on my skin .

The Eyeshadow (55 Shrimp Me Up) is a pigmented bright pink peachy colour with shimmer .

swatch shadow 01 2

Taken without flash .

swatch shadow 01 1

Taken with flash .

Swatch Left-Right (Colours in palette reads Top-Bottom ; Left-Right) : Sun Club glamour to go eyeshadow (01 south beach) [bright blue – dull matte blue – golden champagne – light sky teal – pink-tone burgundy – brown-tone burgundy – beige bronze – silver bronze] (these are not actual names of the colours , i made it up as i see them)

Sun Club glamour to go eyeshadow (01 south beach) palette comes with 8 eyeshadow colours paired with an applicator . This is a shimmer palette . They look much more pigmented in the palette than on swatches and it does feel like there is very little powder per colour .

lip 1

lip 3

Left-Right : Lipstick (01 Frosted) , Lipstick (56 Sweet Metal) , Lipstick (48 Red Carpet) , Lipstick (54 Honey Bee) , XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (022 Nude Kiss) , XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (018 Sparkling Papaya)

All the lip colours (lipstick and lip gloss) are scented . All the lipsticks have the same scent ; however for the lip gloss series , all the scents are different (and a lot nicer !) . The lipstick has a very strong fruity/candy scent that , to me , is a little too overpowering . The 022 Lip Gloss has a light fruity scent and the 018 Lip Gloss has a pleasant , sweet fruity scent that I am totally in love with .

lip swatch 1

Taken without flash .

lip swatch 2

Taken with flash .

Swatch Left-Right : Lipstick (01 Frosted) , Lipstick (56 Sweet Metal) , Lipstick (48 Red Carpet) , Lipstick (54 Honey Bee) , XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (022 Nude Kiss) , XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (018 Sparkling Papaya) .

The lipsticks glide easily and does not dry the lips out . They have no glitter but are shimmery .

Lipstick (01 Frosted) is a light , baby pink tone .

Lipstick (56 Sweet Metal) is a darker mauve-brownish tone .

Lipstick (48 Red Carpet) is a bright coral/cherry pinkish-red tone . This has the least shimmer .

Lipstick (54 Honey Bee) is a bronze-mauve tone , almost a mixture of 01 and 56 .

The lip glosses have glitter in them and are adequately glossy . They are also non-sticky , and are enriched with Vitamin E to moisturize the lips .

XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (022 Nude Kiss) is a natural pink lip tone .

XXXL Shine Lip Gloss (018 Sparkling Papaya) is a peachy-orange tone .

brush 1

Top : Sharpener with 2 size (regular and jumbo) openings .

Left-Right : Kajal Pencil (20 Scream Green) , Kajal Pencil (04 White) , Blush Brush , Powder Brush , Smokey Eyes Brush , Eyeshadow Brush , Gel Eyeliner Brush , Eyebrow Designer (02 Brown) .

brush 3

Close-up of brushes

The Sharpener comes in a variety of three colours . The lid comes off easily but is not loose if fitted back properly .

The Brushes look nice and the bristles feel soft on the skin . These are the only colours they come in and I think I got all the brushes they have .

The Blush Brush is an angled version of the Powder Brush .

The Smokey Eyes Brush is a small , rounded puffy brush made for blending and buffing .

The Eyeshadow Brush has a wider width to apply colour to the lids .

The Gel Eyeliner Brush is a small , semi-stiff , angled brush used for eyeliner gel or to apply eyeshadow to the lower lash line .

The Kajal Pencils are smooth on my skin and they come in an array of bright colours , not forgetting the neutral , earthy tones like browns and black . However I am but a little disappointed because the lead ‘smushes in’ and breaks quite easily .

The Eyebrow Designer pencil comes fitted with a small brush on the head of the cover . This also comes in a few different shades of brown as well as grey and black .


Swatch Left-Right : Eyebrow Designer (02 Brown) , Kajal Pencil (20 Scream Green) , Kajal Pencil (04 White) .

 The Eyebrow Designer (02 Brown) pencil is glides on the skin easily and fills in brows nicely . The pigmentation is really good and the darkness of the pencil can be controlled by the amount of pressure you apply . I have been using this pencil for quite a few months and it is definitely the only brow pencil I will be sticking to . The colour stays on my brows practically the whole day (6am – 10pm etc.) , and that being said I have oily-combination skin , the weather here is really humid so I sweat a lot , and I did not apply any powder or brow gel to set my brows in place . Although some people may find this a miss , this is definitely a big hit for me !

The Kajal Pencil (20 Scream Green) is a strong , pigmented lime green colour , great for doing bold cat-eyes .

The Kajal Pencil (04 White) is a pigmented white colour . This may come off quite light if you don’t apply it hard enough on your eyelids .

Verdict : Personally , I would recommend this brand to people who are new to makeup and/or are low on budget . They are not pricey yet they come with decent quality . I have only tried out some of their products so I cannot give a full review on everything they have , but I just might in the future . There are some products I would most likely purchased again , and some I might stay away from . I highly recommend the lip gloss if you wear them a lot and love sweet scents . I might skip the mattifying compact powder and lipsticks (if you don’t fancy strong scents) .

This review took longer than I thought ! So far it’s been 9 hours (reviews , swatches and taking tons of photos) and still counting because I’m on to write another review .

So for the first proper review finally done , I’m feeling really happy now . I hope that this has been informative and has helped you out ! If I missed out anything , let me know and I’ll edit the post . I know it’s not the best makeup review blog out there but I’ll be working to improve on it ! (:

Don’t forget to like , share and leave your comments and opinions and let me know what you think about the products and my review , thanks !

Stay tune for more reviews , tips and tutorials in the near future !

Love , Gee .

© Disclaimer : All articles and reviews are based solely on my personal opinions . I am not under any organization or sponsored by any product or company . Copyrights reserved .


2 thoughts on “[Review] Essence Cosmetics Haul (Face)

  1. I so love the brand and its make up it works for me espeicially evrything that i need its there what I like most its suits my budget its less with a million rand look wow.Big up on the nail polish brush its thumbs up.

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