[Other] The Opening

Being ingeneous –

You can call me Eugene Gideon , or Gee (as my friends call me) . I am turning 21 in about two weeks . I am a Chinese Singaporean . I am going to pursue further studies and a career in Fashion Design .

I am a foodie ; to put it simply , I love food . I love how every culture and country has it’s own flare and take on food , I love the colours and smells , I love the taste and texture and even the plating and design of the final product . I love how even the most basic of foods require so much skill and effort in preparing them . Food is art .

I am also an artist , specifically a fashion design enthusiast . I love all things related to fashion . The design of clothing , the background and story , the basic aesthetics and skills required . The ideas behind the look , the hard work put into every intricate detail ; stitch and seam . I am a fanatic when it comes to fashion . Fashion design (from clothing to shoes to accessories) , hair styling and makeup , photography and the models . I do fashion sketches/illustrations in my free time and have them uploaded to deviantART .

My blog will feature mainly reviews on food and beauty products , however I may also feature electronics or art and fashion related posts as well . There may also be non-review related posts such as tutorials and tips etc.

I will be doing reviews on the food I’ve tried out . I frequently seek good , affordable food in and around Singapore . They may be from coffee shops or hawker centres , cafes and bistros or restaurants . It may be food I’ve ordered online or snacks I try out . I am a risk taker , I would eat almost anything but I am not a fan of overly spicy food .

I will also be reviewing makeup , nail polish , skin and body care products and everything else that falls under this category . I do not have a big budget so these might not be as frequent as I’d like it to be . I will have photos of the products with swatches and personal opinions on them .

Always striving to improve , so comments and opinions of your own will be highly appreciated . Any constructive criticisms are also most welcomed .

Take my opinions with a pinch of salt , because in the end different people have different preferences . Product effects may vary between people of different skin type or tone , for example .

I hope you enjoy my blog , as much as I will building it up slowly !

* I do not have a camera at the moment so all pictures will be taken via smartphone Sony XPERIA Z . Lighting and quality may not be adequate and may differ between pictures . Nothing fancy , not promoting or sponsored , all reviews are personal .


Leave your thoughts !

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